How Navigating the Spiritual Landscape Can Help You in Business

Discovering spirituality is often an option most people explore when they are stuck in a rut or seeking further purpose after achieving traditional success. Spirituality then becomes a means to an end and not a way of life, and in the long run, you won’t always find what you’re looking for if your mindset is not squared away. Connecting one’s mind, body, and soul in an awakened state is not a sprint to a finish line, but an endless marathon that continually improves the quality of your life.

Navigating the spiritual landscape positively affects your life by bringing a higher sense of purpose, increasing your peace, enlivening your hope, and boosting your confidence. It involves a self-reflective and fully aware existence where a person explores wisdom, dreams, love, kindness, intuition, and an awakened state of consciousness. Your intuition becomes heightened, your self-awareness soars, your physical strength is revitalized, and you’re able to make better decisions that feel right by the universe.

Most mess up their spiritual journey by separating it from some aspects of their lives due to unfounded stigma. As a business owner, founder, or dedicated entrepreneur, the core essentials for building your legacy are education, skills, and capability. However, you’d have an edge over difficulties and obstacles when your intuition and mental inclinations are enlivened.

“There is a certain stigma attached to spirituality and making money,” says Rebecca Campbell, an Australian mystic, international bestselling writer, poet, healer, and spiritual teacher with 20 years of experience. “The biggest issue is that we’ve separated spirituality from humanity, forgetting that we are spiritual beings in a human body. They are not two separate concepts, there’s no spiritual versus human.”

Connecting your spiritual life to your business endeavors with genuine intentions creates a balance of ease and trust within oneself. Below, we discuss how spirituality can be made to co-exist with dedicated entrepreneurship.

Choose value over profits

Satisfying your conscience and maintaining integrity are major aspects of building a genuine spiritual life. You cannot evolve to a higher state of consciousness if there are insincerities in your dealings with clients and customers. A genuine business person must be committed to building a brand that actually offers real value, makes a legitimate social impact and isn’t merely based on making a profit.

“The deepest understanding of what business entails is not money or how much profit a business makes,” says Campbell, who offers a membership to a spiritually awakened community and runs several outstanding courses teaching people about spirituality. “It’s about delivering value to customers. Running a spiritual business is not different from any other business and an affirmation you can use is: ‘We deliver amazing value for our customers.’ It’s purely a measure of how much value you deliver to your audience. For example, my business delivers value by focusing on the transformation of our audience who are interested in spirituality. Our focus isn’t on the figure or the money, but real transformation.”

Once you focus on providing real value and making the best of your interactions with your audience and clients, their loyalty, trust, and commitment to your brand becomes a natural inclination.

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Commit to a daily spiritual practice

This won’t just improve your spirituality but it also comes with a massive trove of health benefits and brings calm to the daily chaos that is human life. It helps you function throughout the day with better intentions, brings comfort and true inner peace, and allows you to stay dedicated to decent lifestyle habits.

The most common form of spiritual practice for most people is meditation. Reflection is quiet time and lets you set every aspect of your life into a clear perspective. However, as Campbell explains, people can also find calm and direction in other spiritual activities such as dancing, chanting, poetry, and walking in nature. Also, your efforts would be wasted without consistency.

“Rather than meditating for an hour once a month, it’s much more beneficial to turn up each day for 10 minutes with rhythm,”  says Campbell, who has authored six best-selling guide books including Light is the New Black, Rise Sister Rise, and Letters To A Starseed. “If you can only do two minutes a day, then do two minutes. You don’t have to spend ages. Staying in touch with your spiritual side has the potential of increasing your business success and productivity by 100% because you’re going to see great visions and focus on the right things.”

A devotional culture could also be useful for the workplace environment – physical or remote. As a progressive business founder, you could deliberate with your employees and decide on a generally accepted daily or weekly devotional practice that helps everyone bond with each other and find the calm and enlightenment to work through the day. This activity could be quiet time, pulling an oracle card for the week, group journaling, or circle conversations.

Listen attentively to your soul

Your intuition is more than just a gut feeling. It’s your soul speaking directly to you, and this communication can occur through inner whispers, dreams, visions, feelings, longings, and yearnings. Listen to your intuition when making major business decisions. Your soul sends helpful messages, hints, and answers that mere human thinking cannot offer in urgent instances.

Campbell concludes: “Your intuition is literally a superpower. I used to always call it when I was in advertising. I would do some of my daily practices, such as intuitive nature walking an hour before I’d go to work. I would go into the office in my best thinking form. Great ideas would come to me that way. And then I’d get to work and integrate it into everything. It was my superpower for sure. When you tap into that innermost super-conscious part of your being, solutions that you couldn’t possibly imagine can drop in fully formed.”

They may not always make sense at first, but in due time, you’d understand why intuition is the intelligent pulse of life.