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How Mattress Topper Can Reduce Lower Back Pain

People who are struggling with lower back pain always look forward to remedies that can cure them or bring little relaxation. From trying different medications, doing different exercises, performing specified yoga poses to using various tools and machines, back pain bearers do not leave any stone unturned to help themselves.

It’s sad to know that today millions of people are suffering from back pain. Blame it on sitting in the wrong posture for long working hours, using inferior quality mattress and pillow or any other issue, the problem is widespread and needs attention. Therefore it is essential to bring as many products in the market as possible to help them in getting relief.

Generally, doctors recommend using a high-quality mattress for back pain. However, people who are not aware, a good mattress topper can also do the needful. Curing one of the hardest medical conditions, a mattress topper is something which can bring both- instant relief from pain and good night sleep, the back pain related blog Free Your Spine mentions.

It is a well-known fact that good sleep is one of the best remedies for most of the ailments. If you can have a sound sleep of around 7 to 8 hours a day, you can live a healthy life, free from some of the major body issues. It is the reason why the need for a good mattress or mattress topper never ceases. It could not only help in reducing the chronic back pain but also preventing it once and for all.

As per many health practitioners and researchers when it comes to getting relief from the back pain, there are specific types of mattresses and mattress toppers that are meant for the same purpose. Working aptly on pain management and providing the desired support, they do the needful to a great extent.

How Back Pain And Mattress Toppers Related

Before we know the relation between the two, it is essential to understand the major factors that lead to back pain.

  • Some serious injury due to an accident
  • Occupational strain
  • Stress on back due to sleeping on a hard or uneven surface
  • Sitting for long hours in a wrong posture
  • Working continuously before the screen without taking any break

Sometimes these factors or a combination of them leads to getting a chronic back pain that becomes severe with time. The disturbing fact is it is not only the aged people who encounter the problem but the younger people below the age of 45 are under more risk. Therefore taking care of your back especially when you are young and in your 20s or 30s can prove beneficial.

No matter how much care you take during the day time, it is vital to take care of your back in the night. Generally, people spend 6 to 8 hours of their day sleeping continuously in bed. It is when their back comes in direct contact with the base you have provided to it.

When you sleep, it is the back of your body that takes most of the weight. However, the pressure is released from the vertebrae because you are sleeping and not standing. This is when the upper part of the body does not apply pressure to the spinal cord. It is the reason why people can go up to one inch taller when they awake at night. On the contrary, during the day time when sitting or standing becomes inescapable the spinal cord gets the pressure, compress and that one inch reduces.

Now let us see how sleeping on a bad surface can hurt your back.

Unsupportive Surface

If you spend most of the time sleeping on a lumpy surface, it will only harm your back. Although it feels wow to sink deeply on an extremely soft mattress, the aftereffects could be severe. The alignment of your joints may affect adversely causing them to twist. The problem will increase gradually as the night goes on and you might wake up with a sore back.

Too firm surface

Spending your sleeping hours on a very firm surface may affect your spinal cord adversely. Gone is the time when doctors recommend sleeping on a firm surface to curb back pain. As per a recent survey, people who follow this instruction end up feeling uneasy and having poor sleep quality.

This is when a good mattress topper could come handy. Those made with high-quality foam not only endows the right support to the back but also overcome the issue of the too firm or too lumpy mattress.

Ways A Mattress Topper Help In Back Pain

  • Mattress toppers that are made up of latex or foam are the best to relieve the unnecessary pressure on the spinal cord and give it the proper posture while sleeping.
  • The right thickness of mattress topper helps in getting a super comfortable sleep.
  • You may splurge on either too soft or too firm mattress topper without spending on a new mattress all over again.
  • Mattress topper can also be used for heat retention.

If you pick the right mattress topper not only your body will get the right shape, but also your back pain will disappear. A night of sound sleep is essential to get rid of different ailments, and if you pick the right mattress topper, it could become your blessing.

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