How Paint Sprayers Can Make DIY Painting Projects Easier

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Painting can be a physically demanding and time-consuming activity if you lack the right equipment. You can attest to this if you have ever tried to paint a wall using a brush. While a painting brush is ideal for a small area, it can be really frustrating and tiresome to use the same to paint a wall. Paint rollers are no better as you still end up doing a far from a perfect job. Enter paint sprayers, and you have a whole new experience with painting large surfaces. You also get to save a lot of money that you could have otherwise paid others to do these projects. Let’s see how these tools will make your Do It Yourself projects way easier.

Paint Large Surfaces

Paint brushes and rollers require you to painstakingly reach every portion of a large surface while carrying your paint. This can be cumbersome especially if you are working under a tight deadline. Rollers can work better and a little bit faster but require a lot of skill and experience to paint your surface evenly. Spray paints not only help you cover a wide area with ease, but also enable you to paint evenly irrespective of your painting experience. You can check out to be more specific about that.

Less Risky

When using paint brushes, you have to carry paint with you hanging on your side. Carrying paint like this can be risky especially if you are to paint high up a building. You have to keep maintaining your balance and be careful not to lose your footing. You also have to ensure that the can carrying the paint remains intact so as not to pour accidentally. With a spray can, you simply fill up the apparatus, cover your eyes and nose and just spray. It is way easier even if you have to go up any building since you do not have to focus on spilling anything. The good thing with most paint sprays is that they are light in weight, so carrying them is not much of a problem. There is also less movement of the arm as with paint brushes and rollers, hence you get to save a lot of energy.

Get an Even-Coat

It is way much easier to get an even coat with a paint sprayer than with other tools. For instance, with painting brushes, you will need to be extremely careful to avoid overlapping. Rollers can do a better job, but are also too tiresome. With a sprayer, you need not to worry since you can just cover the areas that do not require paint then evenly spray on the open area. Just make sure you do not extend the spray over the covered area.

Good for Uneven and Rough Textures

Some surfaces contain bumps, cracks, and gaps. You will also find overlapping surfaces that will be very difficult to paint using a brush. Surfaces with bumps especially are cumbersome to use paint brushes since some sections will be left untouched leaving a badly done job. With a paint sprayer, you do not have to worry about any bumpy or uneven surface since the spray reaches even the tiniest of spaces without a problem. Overlapping spaces also appear nicely done when spray painted.

Great for Exterior Surfaces

Paint sprayers are better suited for exterior surfaces. With these devices, you can easily cover large swathes of spaces in a few sweeps and can always do a good job on the imperfections inherent on exterior surfaces.

With all these advantages, paint sprayers are relatively inexpensive, so you do not have to worry much about digging deep into your pockets especially if its for DIYers projects. If you plan on buying the high-end sprayers, then you may have to dig a little bit deeper. With just about $100 or less, you will find a nice and effective paint sprayer. The only downside with paint sprayers is that you have to be prepared to do a thorough cleaning after every paint job. The sprayers require focused cleaning to avoid mixing unwanted colors when you want to spray paint different surfaces with different colors. Despite that small shortcoming, it is still easier to use paint sprayers than other traditional methods of painting.

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