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How many Baltimore bands will follow Prince and do a benefit for the city?

Here is a list of famous and perhaps not so famous bands from Baltimore. On the bottom of this list you will find how many of these bands or performers are doing concert to benefit Baltimore in wake of the riots. Granted some of the bands are no longer around and some of these outstanding performers have died years ago.

Prince is coming to Baltimore.

Prince is coming to Baltimore. Who will follow? (Publicity Photo)

But we wanted to let you know, which bands are actually trying to help the city. It took one musician from Minnesota to stand up for Baltimore. And we thank you – Prince for your “Rally 4 Peace.”

So look at the list and send us a few more names to add to the list and let us know if they are planning a concert for Baltimore.

And if you can’t wait to see who else is performing – just scroll down and see the number of Baltimore bands doing something for the city. Now that could change over night so we will update the list when we get more information. So check out who is following Prince’s footsteps.

Bands from Baltimore

So far the number of Baltimore Bands performing a benefit for Baltimore – ZERO. Let’s count that again – Yep. ZERO.

Since no Baltimore band has stepped up the plate – yet – maybe what the city really needs is Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band to come back to Charm City. He hasn’t played here in nearly six years – and before that it was 35 years. Baltimore needs Bruce.

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