How Linda Andrade Became a Millionaire at 19

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Entrepreneurship is dependent on a series of struggles, determination, and hard work. Most people take up a step-by-step approach to start and run a business. Similarly, Linda Andrade designed and developed her med-spa business called ‘Flip your Look’  with intricacy and finesse. Generally, entrepreneurship is regarded as a field for adults however Linda Andrade proved this otherwise by stepping into the industry at just 16 years of age. Her journey characterizes the possibilities of becoming a millionaire as a 19-year old. 

Linda Andrade (Courtesy photo)

Linda Andrade was born in Amman, Jordan, and moved to the United States when she was 2 years old. Her childhood was spent in a one-bedroom apartment for 6 people but her family was very close-knit. Linda’s father had a computer repair hobby and went on to establish a storefront staple at Huntington Beach. Her father started from zero and became a successful tech professional, and he taught her to always believe in herself. Linda Andrade throughout her life has always aimed for the stars.

Linda Andrade began her first business at the age of 16. She created a brand called ‘Luxe by Linda’ that focused on makeup and fashion accessories for women. Girls from her school started to buy her products and her brand ultimately became a success in high school. After this, Linda worked as an event planner and has successfully organized events on a high-level for renowned people such as Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Steve Wozniak, Molly Bloom, Common, and Market Masters Academy. Additionally, Linda Andrade worked as a model with an agency working for fashion, modeled at events, and as a hair model. She additionally modeled for L’Oreal Paris in the past and continues to do so. 

Simultaneously, Linda was a high-achiever in school and was able to graduate early. She also achieved multiple scholarships for her college career. When Linda Andrade was 19 years old she married the love of her life, another successful entrepreneur, Ricky. She helped her father establish a professional tech company and further helped Ricky develop a successful academy. 

At 19-years-old, Linda Andrade became a millionaire. She established a med-spa in Las Vegas and Newport Beach, California. The med-spa specifically targeted body-sculpting and she launched a career with fat freezing techniques. The med-spa is affordable for the majority of the population as Linda believes that these opportunities should be available for everyone and not just 1% of the population. She is fascinated by procedures like tummy-tucks and doing mommy makeovers and believes that they positively impact the lives of many. The med-spa offers several services such as fat freezing (cryolipolysis), cellulite treatment, smart laser lipo, LED photorejuvenation facials, and laser hair removals. The success of her med-spa has led her to franchise it in the future to locations in New York City, Miami, San Francisco, and Dubai. Her focus is to build an efficient and result-driven relationship with her customers.  

Linda Andrade says the quote that she lives by is ‘How you do something is how you do everything’. The decisions you choose to take for your business reflect your determination towards it. It is important to work at your best potential and treat your business with wholeheartedness.