How Hitting Rock Bottom Led Rick Latona to Establish One-of-a-Kind Business Brokerage Firm – A True Success Story

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Life is unpredictable. No one really knows what it has in store for them. One day everything is going uphill in life; the next day, it might take a turn, which one did not even see coming. It is the uncertainty in life that makes it beautiful. While the great times in life let people experience inner joy and happiness, the difficulties in life help people learn great lessons and discover the hidden powers in their personality.

People welcome the times of joy with open arms and wide smiles, but when it comes to facing the challenges in life, they give up or hide behind their fears. People need to understand that embracing failures is the first step towards success. The failures in life do seem like a setback, but in reality, it teaches people important life lessons. It is with the help of these setbacks in life that individuals acquire the skills to succeed and develop a thorough understanding of how the world functions.

In 2008, when the Great Recession hit the world, millions of people lost their entire life’s savings, they were unemployed, stuck in finances, with no way out. There is one man that was hit hard during the recession period, and his life was turned upside down, Rick Latona.

He was working in the domain buying-selling business at the time of recession, but things went downhill during the recession period. Rick decided to take control of his life before it was too late. He gathered his emotions, got hold of his composure, prepared himself for the struggle, thus came into existence, Latona’s LLC.

Latona’s LLC is a merger and acquisition firm that has its focus on internet businesses. It is one of the few business brokerage firms that deal with cash-flow positive digital businesses. While there are thousands of business brokers, there are not many that deal with digital businesses.

Only an individual with a thorough understanding of the modern business environment can effectively deal with the selling/purchasing of digital businesses. The brokers who do not know much about the digital environment might not be able to attract the right buyers to a specific business.

Rick Latona, being in the domain business, identified the need for such reliable platforms for digital businesses. With the savings that Rick was left with, he decided to invest in his education. He saw it as an opportunity to start over. He went to Harvard Business School (HBS) and decided to relaunch his company.

Latona’s LLC was operating as a domain name broker company, but Rick rebranded this company as a business brokerage firm with stay-at-home businesses as its primary focus. Rick started marketing to his target audience, and his company’s first client was a lasagna recipe blog. It was not the most lucrative deal, but it gave the company a head-start towards becoming a website broker.

The company started small and came into the limelight when it began dealing with digital businesses worth $15,000 and higher. It started its transition from being a website broker to business brokers. The portfolio of this company was stretched to include Amazon FBA Businesses, SaaS-based setups, content websites, eCommerce platforms, lead generation businesses, and domain name portfolios. The company was gaining momentum in the industry, and things went uphill as it started acquiring clients with $20M businesses. Latona’s LLC completed its transition from a domain name broker to a business acquisition broker, one of the few in its categories.

A Power Pack of Brokers for Digital Entrepreneurs

Other business brokers across the globe deal with internet companies, but not all have a prominent standing in the industry. Latona’s LLC stands in the spotlight because of its experienced team. The team at this company has members on board that has spent decades building their own digital businesses.

All seven brokers at Latona’s belong to the age group of 40-50 years old. Whether they are representing the buyer or seller, they carry out their jobs with complete honesty and offer suggestions that might actually help investors or sellers.

There are more than 35,000 subscribers on its weekly newsletter, a proof of how big the company’s network of business owners and investors is. Latona’s LLC, headquartered in Puerto Rico, is gradually building a prominent standing in its category. Started with a small blog website, this company is now dealing with businesses with a worth higher than $20M. Rick’s Latona’s LLC is nothing less than a success story, given the challenging situation the company was set up in!