How Felix Homes Can Help You Sell

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Your home is special to you, in a way that it can never be to just anyone off the street. You have formed memories there, good and bad. When you bought it, you chose it from many options, because it was the right fit for you at that time and place in your life. When you make the decision to sell your home, finding an agent who will treat the sale with as much importance as you do is key.

Many people choose to sell by owner, because they know they will take it seriously. The exorbitant commission rate charged by traditional brokerages also causes people to choose for sale by owner.

The major negative aspect of selling by owner is pretty obvious. Most owners are not trained real estate agents. There is a reason that real estate agents exist- selling a home is a full time job, using specialized knowledge and skills the average person doesn’t have.

Since most people don’t have the time or knowledge to efficiently sell their own home, and agents tend to be expensive and unmotivated, what is a homeowner to do? In the Nashville market, there is a solution that uses modern technology to answer this question: Felix Homes. Felix Homes charges ⅓ the commission rate of traditional brokerages, while selling your home faster!

Felix Homes is a Technology Company First

According to Felix Homes they consider themselves a technology company that sells real estate, rather than a real estate company that uses technology. That distinction will impact how the transaction is approached. Felix is constantly looking for new ways to market and sell your home.

Traditional brokerages focus on using the same tools that have been around for years. Felix has revisited the process of selling a home to appeal to the modern internet generation.

Steps to a Felix Home Sale

When you sign up with Felix Homes, you will be assigned an agent. You will have a meet and greet to determine if your agent is the right fit. After you get to know your agent, they will help you decide what things need to be done to your home to get it ready for the sale.

One of the elements of that emotional attachment that we have to our homes is that we get attached to things that can interfere with the sale. That bubble gum pink bedroom your daughter chose when she was four might be nostalgic for you, but it can be a turn off for a buyer. Your Felix agent will help you find the impediments to selling that you can’t see, and make recommendations to help it sell.

After your home is sale ready, your Felix agent will schedule a professional photo shoot to take pictures of all the major points of interest in your home. When these are shared on Felix’s attractive website, they will help your buyers find you.

Once your home is shared on the website and the Multiple Listing Service, your Felix agent will email out your home to a list of over 5,000 active buyers in the Nashville market. Your Felix agent will actively follow up with every person who shows interest in your home, so potential buyers don’t fall through the cracks.

Your Felix agent will help you coordinate offers, and guide you through all the steps up to closing, guaranteeing you will get a great offer quickly, and negotiate any complications that may arise.

In summary, Selling a home is tough. The emotions of selling your home, paired with the concerns about selling something that has such a large value is too much to do alone. A Felix agent can help you through the process, from start to finish.