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How Coding is Being Used in Medicine

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There are various reasons why coding is important in the medical field and why doctors and healthcare practitioners will benefit from learning this skill. The global digital health market is valued at over $80 billion and estimated to be worth over $500 billion by 2025. Digital technology, specifically mobile health and wireless health, has connected the medical field to more patients, offering a wide variety of health services and consultations.  

With mobile devices widely accessible to many, there are countless new health applications and online platforms available and although it might be a daunting process for a doctor or healthcare practitioner to learn a new skill within the web development field, the two industries go hand-in-hand to advance progress. This article will discuss various ways coding is used in the medical field right now. 

What Is Coding?

Coding is a computer language used to translate binary codes, which are instructions in the form of data using a two-symbol system like ‘0’ and ‘1’. Coding languages, used by programmers (also called coders) provide a means of communication with the computer program used.  

There are various coding languages with different functions, well-known ones are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML gives the structure to a web page and determines the layout of content where CSS is a stylesheet that determines the style of content, namely, font styles, color schemes, headers and more. JavaScript determines the functionality and dynamism of a webpage, for example, interactive elements like buttons, automation, forms, and many more that makes the user experience friendlier and easier to navigate. 

Health App for Patients

There are a variety of different types of apps within the health market right now, from fitness, nutrition, women’s health, men’s health, chronic care, and many others. Additionally, all address different health and medical needs like diabetes, neurology, cardiovascular, and respiratory.   

According to new reports, the Mobile Health market is predicted to grow to over $300 billion by the year 2027, which will undoubtedly release more mobile enhanced applications. A common challenge is knowing what apps offer authentic health information based on medical facts and experience. Medical practitioners with coding skills will be able to design apps with better validated medical foundations. 

Clinical Systems and Solutions

Medical practitioners with coding know-how will be able to create better systems and solutions related to various medical processes including collaboration with other doctors, for example, discussing information about patients on a secure and private platform. Residents from Stanford Medicine also suggest that doctors can contribute insider perspectives when designing digital products, for example, patient admissions, performing rounds and other duties.   

Technological Improvements

Technological improvements in the medical field will not only save time, but create more effective methods to communicate with and monitor patient’s health and vital signs. Technologies like wireless blood pressure cuffs, mobile heart monitors, virtual consultation tools, virtual reality-based games that aid in pain reduction, and the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in medical procedures and processes all contribute to more efficiency when conducting medical practices. 

Medical Administration

Within any field the effective management of administrative duties will save time and effort, as well as minimize any errors and misinformation; these systems are just as important as the medical practices themselves. Most doctors can use general electronic medical record systems, however, doctors with coding skills can create more effective and reliable systems that facilitate organization to ensure correct medical information and details. 

How To Learn Coding

For medical practitioners interested to start learning about coding, there are thousands of online resources available, from certifications to projects for beginners to dabble in to get a basic understanding. Anyone interested in starting can explore the coding languages like HTML and CSS on their web browser’s console. Additionally, there are countless interactive JavaScript projects available, for beginners and intermediates, these range from creating games, puzzles, and simple questionnaires, read more here to find other projects to start with.  

Key Takeaways

There are numerous avenues available right now to learn and apply coding skills in the medical field. It’s apparent that these web development skills compliment doctors’ practices and systems, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency in offering better services and consultations to patients and colleagues.

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