How Cannabis Brands Can Capitalize On COVID to Grow Their Business

COVID-19 has made a major impact on many businesses, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Since the legalization of cannabis medicinally and recreationally in many states, business owners have gone to great lengths to create a unique brand image for their brick and mortar stores. With so much of your focus on in-store shopping, your business may have been unprepared for the impact that COVID-19 quarantine regulations had on your sales. If you’re hoping to save your business, capitalize on COVID-19, and generate loyalty among new and existing customers, explore these top tips today.

Optimize for Location

Maybe your cannabis business gained customers through word of mouth? Perhaps you put all your focus into billboard advertising? Did you rely strictly on tourist sales to keep your business going? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably didn’t consider your online presence particularly important — especially since it’s very difficult (if not impossible) for customers to complete their transactions online.

With quarantine measures in place, now is the time to rectify this issue. In addition to creating an intuitive, functional website, you should optimize it for your location. Explore the Google Keywords Planner to learn more about which cities around you have high search volumes for cannabis products. Target locations that are close enough to make pickups and deliveries easy and make sure you optimize for all the products in your inventory — from flowers and vapes to edibles and tinctures. If you need professional help, considering talking to the cannabis SEO experts at Avidon Marketing Group.

Run Targeted Specials

COVID-19 has increased stress levels nationally and cast a spotlight on maintaining your mental health while trapped indoors. Many people already know that cannabis can have a beneficial effect on people who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression. Running targeted specials and adding educational blogs to your site that address people’s main concerns during this time can help increase sales and grow your business.

Increase Delivery Options

While some people are more than happy to pick up their products or come in and shop once quarantine measures are lifted, others are being more cautious and staying home as much as possible. Make it more convenient for those staying at home to receive purchased products when you increase your delivery options, distance parameters, and speed as much as possible. You might even consider making delivery free, if it’s not already, until the current crisis has passed.

Expand Online Inventory

Your inventory and product availability may change drastically from day to day. Making sure that your site is up to date is critical for online orders. Having to inform customers that you’re out of stock after they’ve already ordered can create a bad impression and cause customers to go elsewhere. Managing your site inventory is now one of the most important things you can do to attract customers and retain your regulars!

You may also want to consider creating a suggestion’s carousel to help people find similar products if you run out of a particular strain.

If you aren’t already, implement these strategies to help grow your brand and expand your presence locally.


Feature Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash