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High-Strung Hounds: How to Calm an Anxious Dog

Do you have a nervous canine companion? Our dogs can get stressed just like we do. Here’s everything you need to know about how to calm down a nervous dog.

Twenty to 40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety behavior disorder.

Your canine best friend might exhibit anxiety in a number of destructive and inconvenient ways. No one wants to come to find their favorite shoes or chair nibbled to shreds. Instead, you can learn how to calm down your pup and relieve their anxiety.

Here are seven tips for how to calm an anxious dog!

With these tips, you can soothe your friend (and protect your home).

1. Exercise

Like us, dogs experience an increased production of serotonin after a run. This natural feel-good chemical will help your anxious dog calm down. A long run can also spend all of their pent-up energy before you leave for the day.

Try a hike, fetch, or one of your dog’s favorite games.

Once they’re tired, your dog will rest up and relax while you’re away.

2. Music

Have you ever played your favorite song before giving a presentation or heading into an interview?

Your dog can benefit from soothing music, too! As you learn how to calm down your anxious dog, try music. Whether your dog is nervous about traveling or experiences daily separation anxiety, auditory stimulation can cause their nerves.

3. Distractions

Even humans get nervous during a flight or thunderstorm. If you can’t play music or take your dog outside, try distracting them instead.

Engage your dog’s brain so they focus on you instead of their fears.

For example, you can buy your dog a puzzle toy or train them during these frightening times. When your dog does a good job, reward them. With time, your dog will associate their fears with rewards instead.

4. Supplements

We can save you from wondering “what can I give my dog for anxiety?” Instead, try natural solutions such as CBD for dogs. CBD can calm your dog’s nerves without the risk of harmful side effects.

Make sure to consult your vet first.

5. Physical Contact

Some dogs just want a little love and attention. If your dog appears anxious, try soothing them with slow, long strokes. Petting a dog or cat can soothe your nerves, too, so everyone wins!

6. Aromatherapy

According to this study on shelter dogs, certain smells reduced barking, whining, and stress.

Try introducing your dog to coconut, ginger, or vanilla. An essential oil diffuser can calm your dog and relieve their anxiety. If these scents help your dog learn how to calm down, turn on the diffuser before you leave the house.

These scents can keep them calm and relaxed while you’re away.

7. Swaddling

Everyone benefits from hugs. If you’re looking for how to calm an anxious dog, try holding them close. You can also swaddle them with a blanket or t-shirt so it feels like they’re getting a non-stop hug.

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Your canine companion might feel anxious from time to time. Instead of leaving them alone to rip apart the furniture, try these tips instead. By learning how to calm down an anxious dog, you can soothe your best friend and protect your home.

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