Here’s The Success Story Of Entrepreneur KJ VanDerwerken – An Insurance Agent and A Real Estate Investor

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KJ VanDerwerken is someone who has always been passionate about the real estate industry. At a very young age he had bought his first property. Shortly after, with his passion and dedication, he was able to start his own real estate holding company called VanDerwerken Properties.

The young man has bought a new property every year since 2015, coming to a total of 5 currently which is worth $800,000 of assets. He has been focusing on long-term and income-producing residential rental properties in Charlotte, NC as he sees a lot of potential in real estate when it comes to investment. 

However, this is not where he had started off his career. VanDerwerken has initially started working as an insurance agent and it has been eight years since he has been working for Movement Insurance. With over 3,100 clients and 3,700 policies over the years, he has produced and is servicing over $3,200,000 book of personal lines business.

KJ VanDerwerken (Courtesy photo from Instagram)

Speaking about his yearly milestones, every year since 2014 he has produced a minimum of $500,000 new personal lines premium in a year and the yearly figure has gone as high as $700,000. From loan officers to realtors or even common people purchasing a new home or refinancing their current home, his client range has been very diverse.

But these are not the only working spaces for him as he has recently started another venture with a friend. Locked Room Clt, a premium online vintage shop, was started this year in March and has already been doing extremely well. Offering 80s and 90s clothing items to the consumers, the company is expected to deliver a revenue of $120,000 in its very first year.

With such exceptional work as an entrepreneur and insurance agent, he has been felicitated with several awards including two 30 Under 30 Business Awards and three Five Star Professional Awards. Going by what VanDerwerken says, he plans on working with the same zeal and giving back to society as much as possible.

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