25 Year Old CEO Ryan Morris Is Helping Businesses Sell More Products On Social Media With These Methods       

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In a world where millions of businesses are going bankrupt, there are some that are using the current circumstances as a springboard to shoot forward rather than an anchor to hold them back. Companies are being forced into selling their products and services online to stay afloat to accommodate for new social distancing measures and health regulations that vary state by state.

25 year old CEO Ryan Morris has found the perfect way to capitalize on that gap by helping businesses do just that. His company iFortune Marketing specializes in helping companies tell their story on social media, build their own online communities, and sell their products/services.

Ryan Morris (Courtesy photo)

What Does It Take?

The social media marketing space has several factors that play into successfully marketing online. One of which is telling your brand story, which Ryan believes to be the most important. Your audience needs to know who you are, what you’re offering, and how you differentiate from the rest of the market. There’s a massive demand for genuine content today given that everyone is scrolling through their phones and laptops at home right now. People need to know exactly why your content is so special and to have a simple understanding of your brand story. Ryan and iFortune Marketing believe they’ve cracked the code by telling a brand story.

“In 2020, it’s more important than ever to build an online brand that people can feel like they can resonate with,” he said. “Chains of distribution are disappearing overnight. Attentiveness to social media and online shopping are at all-time highs and aren’t slowing down. We’re simply taking advantage of that space and giving our customers a simplified way of delivering their message to the audience they need.” -Ryan

How Do You Start?

You don’t need thousands of dollars of camera equipment or years of experience to get started on your digital journey. Most phones today are equipped with high quality cameras that will get you exactly what you need to start posting. You simply need to know your message and where to reach your audience. Knowing the right hashtags, locations, age groups, and preferences is important to start with so that you know who you’re targeting. Posting content that piques their interest combined with regularly engaging with them is a great way to start gaining immediate traction to your brand or business. Creating a social media tribe is a great way to think about going about it.

“Creating a digital movement behind your brand isn’t something you can do overnight. It takes time, effort, and consistency. The great thing is that you don’t have to be great to get started. You have to get started to be great. Once you’re there, you’ll learn what the next step for you is or what skills you’ll need to develop to get to the next level. Even if you make mistakes along the way it’s okay. Wisdom comes from making good decisions, learning how to make good decisions usually comes from making bad decisions first.” Ryan

Ryan can be reached for contact or inquiry on Instagram at @realryanmorris.

City: Myrtle Beach, SC

Country: United States

Instagram: @realryanmorris

Website: www.realryanmorris.com

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