Health and nutrition for life

Nutrition course complete

Yeah, I can now officially create diet plans and give nutritional advice and help people with weight management goals. I have learned so much – and have adapted my own eating to reflect this. It’s been a great journey.

It’s all about balance and healthy eating, as you might imagine. If anyone’s interested in a consultation, visit health and fitness for life.

A cold glass of something naughty to celebrate!
A cold glass of something naughty to celebrate!

I’m all excited about this! (Which is why I had a glass of champagne…)!

What’s it like being a Group Fitness Instructor?

Someone asked me this just the other day, and I had to stop and think……

It’s this very well written list of stuff. And beleive me, it does drive you crazy sometimes. Choreographing, keeping up to date, taking other people’s classes, feeling low or unwell and still having to ‘perform’, being innovative, on time and ahead of the class!

But we love it, and that’s why we do it!