Hand-painted Home in Buda, TX Goes Viral

A home that is for sale in Buda, TX has gone viral and not just in the real estate world. The home located at 311 Towhee Drive in Buda, TX 78610 is not your ordinary home.  The house is mostly hand-painted in several variations of the color pink. Photos of the home have been upvoted almost 17,000 times on a subreddit called “Awful Taste But Great Execution.”  The subreddit has a massive collection of all things décor and personal style that many find unappealing.

Melissa Stephenson, the owner of the home, has spent many years putting her spin on the house.  Her mother is an interior designer from Houston, TX.  Together they have worked on this one of a kind home over several years now.

The Stephenson home is filled with hand-painted “joy” as Stephenson likes to call it. Poodles, polka dots, and hearts line the walls and hallways.

For Stephenson the Buda residence will always be home — but it may no longer be her house. Her husband recently got in an accident, and her two sons are leaving for college.

Now, the family needs to sell the home. “It’s not by choice, honestly. If I had my way and my dream in a perfect world I wouldn’t have to [sell.]”

Stephenson’s little piece of heaven is a four-bedroom, two bathrooms, a 3,000-square-foot home, sitting on more than a half-acre. It comes with a man cave—notable for it’s bold aesthetic—where Stephenson’s husband, John, likes to hang out. But don’t get it twisted—Stephenson’s frilly design aesthetic doesn’t bother her husband.

Stephenson understands the home isn’t for everyone, and she’s aware of the social media mockery. However, she says, she’s also received plenty of compliments and attention from folks who love her designs and have called them “inspiring” and “uplifting.”

The style isn’t for everyone, and some find the house very attractive.  One thing for sure is whoever moves into the home is going to have a hard time finding décor to match with all the pink colors of the house.

The homeowner claims the phone has been ringing steadily with inquiries about the one-of-a-kind home.   But we wonder how many are serious buyers versus how many want to see the house in person.  In today’s real estate market moderately priced homes are still selling well.  If you would like to schedule a showing of this home you can contact realtor Ross Quade at New Listing Alert.