Great Reasons To Sign Up For The Baltimore Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is the newest craze in Baltimore, Maryland! Baltimore scavenger hunt is a great pastime for everyone who is looking to have some fun, especially on the weekends. Before, scavenger hunts were just for children only but not anymore, because different businesses and organizations from the city are also looking into it.

A scavenger hunt is a game wherein small teams of four or more people compete against each other to gather or complete a list of items provided by the organizer. The first team to complete the list or who collected the most items on the list after the hunt will win the game.

The Baltimore scavenger hunt, however, is not your ordinary scavenger hunt. It is entirely different and unique from other scavenger hunts offered in other cities. Read on why Baltimore scavenger hunt is different and unique and why you should sign up for it.

1. Visit Some Great & Historic Places Around Baltimore At The Same Time!

One of the biggest reasons why you should sign up for the Baltimore scavenger hunt is that you get to visit some great and historical places around the city at the same time. Here’s a list of places that you can visit around the city:

  • Mount Vernon – Mount Vernon is famous for being the plantation of the first president of the USA, George Washington, and his wife, Martha Washington. Aside from the estate itself, you also get to visit the Washington Monument, the museums, and the world-famous restaurants around the area.

  • Jonestown – Jonestown is a historic neighborhood located in southeast Baltimore. You will have an awesome time visiting the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House or the Phoenix Shot Tower in Jonestown while doing your scavenger hunt there.

  • Inner Harbor – The Inner Harbor is a tourist attraction and landmark in Baltimore, Maryland. It is one of the many places in the city that you’ll fall in love with once you visit Baltimore. There are so many shops, restaurants, and tourists roaming around the area, and they should be enough to keep everyone engaged and have fun at the same during the scavenger hunt.

These places are excellent locations to organize a scavenger hunt. These locations can also help make your scavenger hunt exciting and keep everyone interested in the game.