Getting A Rhinoplasty? 6 Things to Know Before

If you’re thinking about getting a rhinoplasty, you’re making the right move. It can seriously boost your confidence. Just make sure that you know what you’re getting into – it is surgery after all.

Work with The Best

Rhinoplasties are common, but they’re serious cosmetic procedures. That’s why you shouldn’t just work with anyone. Do your research so that you don’t end up with a plastic surgeon that’s not good. If you do your research, you’ll find doctors like Kristina Zakhary, cosmetic plastic surgeon in Calgary, who are known for offering nose jobs. You need someone who excels at the procedure.

Ask Questions

You should do your homework on the surgery. Learn more about rhinoplasty services before you come in, as you’ll be able to ask your doctor everything you need to know. This would help you go into it fully prepared. There are thankfully countless educational resources on nose jobs online.

You’ll Need Two Weeks Off

Once your rhinoplasty is done, you can’t hop back into life immediately. You’ll have to recover for two weeks. You’d experience swelling and discomfort immediately after it. To help with the discomfort, you can cold press. However, don’t place the packs directly on your nose. They should be kept on your cheeks, as the cartilage in your nose could be moved.

During your recovery, spend most of it sleeping. Remember that your body heals when you’re asleep, so a lot of it would result in you bouncing back quicker.

Results Can Take A While

Although the swelling reduces drastically in the first few weeks, a bit of it remains. That’s why the full effect of your rhinoplasty might not be seen until several months after you had it done. That being said, you’d get a good idea of it after the splint in your nose is taken out. It was placed by your surgeon to support the bones in your nostrils. It’s usually removed after the 1-2-week mark.

You have To Avoid the Sun

Sunlight will be an issue the weeks following your rhinoplasty. Because it can cause the scars from your surgery to darken. It can also cause the swelling to increase, which would affect how long it’d take for you to see the full results of the procedure.

Manage Your Expectations

Rhinoplasties work to improve the appearance of your natural nose. They don’t give you a completely new one. What you have in mind might not be possible, which is why your surgeon would run you through everything during your consultation.

Final Thoughts

Nose jobs are one of the most common cosmetic procedures done. However, it’s still serious surgery. That’s why keeping in mind everything we discussed would help you be the most prepared for it. Look for the right doctor. You need the most expert hands working on you. Be sure to do your homework before coming in too, this lets you ask the best questions. This would help you know if it’s the right time for the rhinoplasty or not.