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FreeFunder Offers Free Crowdfunding for All

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines crowdfunding as “the practice of obtaining needed funding by soliciting contributions from a large number of people, especially from the online community.” If you have been around social media in the last few years, you are familiar with different posts asking for donations. You have probably seen tweets from young LGBTQ+ individuals who need funding to move out of their homes where they are not accepted. You know the yearly donations your Facebook friends set up around their birthdays for you to contribute to their favorite charities. Crowdfunding has been very popular across these platforms for other users to help those who need fundings for their projects, living situations, surgeries, and much more.

With more and more individuals turning to crowdfunding in order to finance any specific circumstances in their lives, more and more platforms have appeared to facilitate these fundraisings. However, not all of them allow users to raise money for free. FreeFunder is the crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to raise funds without fees. How is this possible? Instead of directly taking away part of the donations your fundraiser received, they give you the option to donate a small part of those funds to them.

When it comes to choosing a platform for your fundraiser, you look into their fees and features. FreeFunder has no fees and luckily offers various features that leave their users satisfied and with the money they need. What are these features?

  • Simple, Customizable Pages: Each user is able to edit their own campaign, selecting the colors, fonts, and size. Plus, they have the option to add images, bullet points, and charts to organize their fundraiser better.
  • Easy Sharing Tools: Each fundraiser will have its own campaign page with multiple options for sharing, and it will show up in different places. The option to create a custom link allows you to share it on your personal website or social media.
  • Add Team Members: Each member has the opportunity to add other members to help edit the description or the page itself, add updates, and manage the campaign in itself. You can give each member read-only or read-write access, which makes it easier to work together.
  • Send Email Updates: Each fundraiser achieves its goal thanks to its supporters, and FreeFunder knows this. To keep every supporter updated, they give you the option to post as many updates as you want and simply click a button to deliver them to their inboxes.
  • Mobile-Friendly Pages: Each fundraising page will look good on mobile devices as well as on the desktop option. This feature allows anyone to donate directly from their phone as soon as they come across your campaign without logging into their computers.
  • Fast Support: Each user has the opportunity to reach out to the FreeFunder team to have any of their questions answered as soon as possible.

Crowdfunding has become extremely popular because it is a necessity. Most individuals reach a point in their life when they need financial help to get their project off the ground or cover a medical bill. That is when the sense of community comes into play and allows us to connect. FreeFunder believes in the power of helping each other, and that is why they offer their users a free platform to share their campaigns with the world and raise the funds needed. They are the crowdfunding service that puts people over pro

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