5 Tips to Protect Children against Basketball Injuries

Image by graphicnoble from Pixabay 

Basketball is a high-speed, high-energy game. It comes with its own excitement as well as risk factors for injuries. Therefore, keeping children safe at the court should be a top priority for coaches and parents. Sports-related accidents among children account for more than 3.5 million injuries annually, but proper conditioning and training can help safeguard against them, according to an article by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Another effective way is to use a knee brace for running, made of high quality, soft materials that offer sufficient support and pain relief, available at Aidfull.

Basketball alone accounts for more than 1.6 million injuries each year. Ankle sprains, foot fractures, and knee injuries are the most common among them. Knee support braces for torn meniscus are extremely helpful to prevent and treat such issues. Take a look at a few alternative ways to stay safe on the court.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Loose-fitting sleeveless jersey, knee-length loose shorts, and well-fitted shoes can ensure flexible movement, better playing ability, and most importantly, safety, according to an article by Streetdirectory. In addition, make sure to wear the best knee brace or copper fit knee sleeve to reduce the risk of severe injuries, sprains, and strain.

2. Keep Your Body Fit

In the off-season, make sure to stay fit. It helps to stay in shape and keeps your strength, speed, and endurance intact for when the basketball season returns. Weight training, yoga, hiking, and stability exercises with hinged knee braces can go a long way to keep your body prepared for the game. When the muscles are well-trained, the likelihood of injuries is lowered. Make sure to wear knee compression sleeves & strap braces to protect your joints from chronic pain.

3. Drink Enough Liquids

The body tends to lose a significant percentage of water through sweating. This can lead to tense tendons and ligaments, depending on the signals sent by the brain. Rigidity, stiffness or tension further contract the muscles and lead to sharp pain and limit movements, according to an article by Healthline. Therefore, besides wearing the best knee braces for external support, ensure a well-hydrated system.

4. Proper Warm-Ups

Backward and forward jogging, skipping and pushups, dynamic stretches and back-peddling can decrease the chances of torn meniscus injury. Even during warm-ups, make sure to wear football & basketball knee braces to keep the muscles protected. This will help you get the most out of the warm-ups.

5. Get a Health Check-Up

Basketball involves dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding, which require excellent levels of fitness. Layup, free throw, and jump shots also demand a flexible body. Besides protecting yourself with a knee brace for a runner’s knee, consider undergoing a physical exam regularly. The doctor will perform a head-to-toe assessment to check your joints, flexibility, posture, and organs. It will confirm whether you are fit enough for the game.

Americans are known for their love for basketball. The right moves will help improve balance and develop discipline and concentration as well. To participate and enjoy without inhibitions, get yourself waterproof custom braces to suit