Fracking could pose dangers in Garrett and Alleghany counties in Maryland

To the Editor,

I am concerned about the impending possibility of gas drilling in Garrett and Alleghany counties in Maryland.  Fracking could begin in Maryland as early as next year and there is still much uncertainty about its consequences on public health and the local environment.

If the gas drilling on the Marcellus Shale in Ohio and Pennsylvania is any indication of what will happen in Maryland, Garrett and Alleghany counties could potentially see pollution in local streams, toxic spills that can kill our native wildlife, contaminated drinking water, or even earthquakes. And because this practice is relatively new, the long-term environmental and health impacts are largely unknown.

Although our state government commissioned a group to thoroughly research these and other possible effects of gas drilling, the gas companies who were asked to subsidize this commission refused to cooperate.  Instead, such studies had to come from our own taxpayer dollars. These companies will do anything to prove that fracking is a safe practice.  We must work with the same vigor to prevent fracking in order to protect the land, water, and people of Maryland.


Erika Burns

Organizer, Environment Maryland