Wisconsin ‘Feelin’ the Bern’ and ‘Lose with Cruz’ catching on

So both Trump and Hillary are losers in Wisconsin (hold back your sarcasm). However, of the two, Hillary took the much bigger hit.

Wisconsin is a state tailor-made for Ted Cruz. There is not a big difference in the philosophy he espouses and that of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. With Walker’s support and Trump’s bumps of late, Cruz was bound to win today.

However, Hillary’s campaign took a huge hit, the kind that brings out the sharks when they smell blood. She has again shown she is unable to seal the deal and lock up a primary campaign she was expected to close long ago. Now she has to hope for not just a win in New York, but a big one at that.

Given that Hillary was twice elected to the senate by New York voters, she should have no excuse for failing to deliver a large margin of victory over Bernie Sanders. Still, I would not count out Sanders. He has shown he connects with a much larger segment of the Democratic voters than people thought possible. Now he has the opportunity to potentially knock Hillary out of the race and ending what was assumed to be her coronation as Obama’s successor.

As for Trump, he also goes to home turf and should crush Ted Cruz. Not only does Trump relate well to New Yorkers, Cruz will be made to pay for his nasty reference to the people of New York from an earlier debate. There should be no shortage of Bronx cheers for the Mouth From Texas.

So where does this leave us? Well for now, it means more endless coverage of what is turning out to be perhaps the most memorable primary campaign in my life. There is no way of knowing how things will play out.

Will the GOP ever support Trump? Do they really think they have a better chance with Cruz or Kasich? Is there a mystery candidate they intend to go with? If so, will Trump run a third party ticket?

And for the Democrats, is it too late for a Joe Biden nomination? Will Hillary stand pat or veer further left to try and win the nomination? Is there any point in supporting Bernie if there is not enough House and Senate support for his programs?

One thing is certain. There will be fireworks when both parties gather this summer for their conventions.

One thought on “Wisconsin ‘Feelin’ the Bern’ and ‘Lose with Cruz’ catching on

  • April 9, 2016 at 4:10 AM

    Leaked phone records indicate Ted Cruz used DC Madam to hire prostitutes; the corrupt SCOTUS just decided that further information regarding the case should not be made available to the public. Cruz is all about protecting HIS privacy but continually votes to support the Patriot Act so the government can invade ours! Cruz also blatantly cheats in the elections. He insists that big money donations are free speech and is completely beholden to exploiters like the Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs, Robert Mercer, etc. He is a free-trading, war-mongering, privacy-invading, exploiter-funded puppet who won’t secure our southern border, support fair trade, stop policing the world, respect our privacy, stop corporations from undermining our democracy, or anything else the exploiters don’t want him to.

    Cruz is the typical snake politician. It is a shame that people are so easily fooled into supporting all the slick-talking, two-faced lawyers in DC (Clinton, Obama, Cruz, SCOTUS, etc.) selling out our country to the parasitic exploiters.

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