Factors that can lead to damaged credit

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Over recent years, a rising number of people have realized how damaging a low credit score can be when it comes to day to day life. There are many people who have seen their credit score fall for various reasons, and this has had a profound impact on their lives. So, what exactly can adversely affect your credit score?

Well, there are actually many different things can adversely affect your credit. Of course, you can find expert assistance to get your credit back on track such as credit repair companies. If you do decide to go down this route, you should make sure you look at credit repair services reviews to find the most suitable provider. However, you also need to familiarize yourself with what has caused your score to drop so that you can avoid the same thing happening again in the future.

Some of the common causes of a damaged credit score

 It is important to bear in mind that there are various things that can lead to your credit score becoming damaged, and not all of them will be your fault. Making sure you keep tabs on your credit score and report can make it far easier to avoid these issues. Some of the common causes of a damaged credit score include:

  • Late and missed payments: One of the most common causes of damaged credit history and low credit scores is the person making late payments or even missing payments on bills and debts. Each time this happens, a black mark goes onto your credit file and this then knocks your credit score down further and further. Remember, damaging your credit is a lot easier and faster than repairing it, so making sure you pay things on time and for the right amounts it very important.
  • Errors by the credit reporting agencies: Another thing to bear in mind is that those working at the credit reference bureaus are only human, which means that errors and mistakes may occur. This could be anything from out of date information that should have been updated through to information that is totally incorrect. Making sure you check your credit report regularly will help you to identify and rectify any errors.
  • Fraud or attempted fraud: Over the years, cases of fraud and attempted fraud have been on the rise largely due to modern technology. If someone has used your identity to take out finance or has even made applications for finance in your name, this will be flagged up on your credit file. Of course, it will look as though you were the one that made the applications and you may, therefore, be penalized for actions that have been taken by a fraudster. Again, checking your report regularly will help you to pick up on this type of activity.

Ordering and checking your credit report is easy these days, as you can simply do this online. This makes it easier and more convenient to keep your credit in check.

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