Extended Warranty on Used Cars

Auto bills can put a serious dent in your income flow. Expensive repairs can leave you struggling to pay other bills, and you can’t simply ignore the problem. You need your car to get to work, so you may wind up feeling like you are at the mercy of the auto mechanics. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from these unexpected bills by choosing to invest in a great car warranty. Extend the protection of your brand new car by purchasing an extended auto warranty. You can also buy a warranty for a used car you are purchasing or even an older car you already own. Providing peace of mind, a used car warranty in Canada will allow you to drive in complete confidence without any worries about repair bills.


A standard car warranty is typically for three years or 36 months, whichever comes first. It covers everything from damaged vents or seat belts to the engine and transmission. Most dealers offer extended auto warranties and will finance the cost into the price of the vehicle. Your monthly payment will jump anywhere from twenty to forty dollars a month, but you will be able to eliminate those high auto bills. If you like to buy a car and keep it for more than three years, an extended warranty is absolutely necessary. The longer you tend to keep your cars, the more valuable the warranty will become.


You don’t have to purchase the extended auto warranty from the dealer. If you have the means to pay for it separately, you can easily purchase one through the Internet. Find a reputable company by reading online reviews. Think about the amenities that are in your vehicle and choose a warranty that will cover those little extras. For example, if you have power, heated leather seats then you may want to invest in a warranty that will cover seat heaters and the power adjustments. If you have a regular mechanic you use, ask for recommendations.

It’s the Little Things

Even small repairs will start to add up quickly. Windshield wipers are computerized now, and it can cost more than three hundred dollars to fix them if they go haywire. A water pump replacement in a Honda Accord will cost more than eight hundred dollars at most dealerships. A new power steering pump can easily cost more than four hundred. You can’t neglect these repairs and expect your car to continue running. However, investing in an extended warranty will allow you to get those repairs done with minimal expense. A great warranty from a reputable company will also cover the little luxuries of your car that you could live without, but you really love having. Things like your seat warmers, heated mirrors, electronics, power seat adjusters and other gadgets may be covered under your new warranty, allowing you to keep your car in like-new condition longer.

Don’t Be Fooled

Some manufacturers now offer extended warranties with their vehicles. Chevy is proud to offer a standard 100,000 miles/ five-year warranty on their cars. This warranty looks great at first glance. It includes roadside assistance and courtesy transportation. However, this warranty clearly states that it’s only on the powertrain, specifically the engine, transfer case, and transmission. The fact is that these parts are truly built to last. It’s not uncommon for engines to see 200,000 miles before they start having problems, and most transmissions will easily exceed 100,000 miles before problems appear. The fact is that you are far more likely to require warranty work on your air conditioner, electrical system, wiper motor, power steering pump or various belts. Of course, these items aren’t covered under the extended factory warranty, leaving you struggling to pay a substantial bill.

Peace of Mind

People often look at the offer for an extended warranty on used cars as a complete waste of money if it’s never used. However, what you are really buying is the peace of mind. It’s one of those purchases that you actually hope you never have to use. As the miles roll by and the odometer starts reading higher numbers, you won’t have to worry about paying for big repairs. You will know that you can afford to get the car fixed and back on the road whether the repairs are small or large. When you hear that little pinging in the engine, you won’t have to keep driving and hope it’s nothing. You will be able to take it into the mechanic and have it fixed under your extended warranty.

Older Cars

Extended warranties are even available on older cars. Whether you are buying a used car or just want extra protection for the one you already have, you can purchase an aftermarket warranty for it. The prices will go up as the car ages, so you will want to make this investment as soon as possible. Once the car reaches a certain age and mileage level the extended plans will no longer be available.

Whether you are shopping for a brand new beauty to grace the driveway or an older car with a great low payment, consider investing in a warranty. It will allow you to get the little things fixed so you can keep your car in great condition. Big repairs won’t be a problem and even small repairs won’t have to leave you struggling. It’s the peace of mind and it’s absolutely priceless.