Ex-CIA agent John Kiriakou jailed for speaking against waterboarding

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On Thursday evening a “prison chic” styled-party aka “Prison Reception” was held at the au courant Hays-Adams Hotel, in Washington, D.C., only blocks from the ex-Constitutional Law Professor’s Barack Obama’s White House. The honoree was — John Kiriakou, an ex-CIA agent. He is the author of Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA’s War on Terror.

Kiriakou dared to tell the American people the whole truth about torture, to wit: waterboarding.

Result: He got socked with a 30 month sentence to a federal slammer which requires wearing daily an orange jump suit! To learn more about this latest miscarriage of justice, click here.  The gala party was co-hosted by the Fresh Juice Party/CODEPINK.

Collage from Reception Party for John Kiriakou