Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Mobile Learning In 2023

Things today are constantly evolving and developing. Since the pandemic, the corporate world has undergone an enormous transformation, much of which has been for the best. As more people recognize that businesses can function without being restricted to a single location, they are increasingly adopting a remote working model. And now that remote working is becoming the new norm, so is remote/online training for employees. 

Mobile learning, often known as mLearning, is one way that makes this transition easier for L&D departments. 

No matter where they are, employees can stay current on essential knowledge and training thanks to mobile learning. This ensures employees always have access to all the information they require anytime, anywhere. 

This article covers all you need to know, including the basic definition of mobile learning, how to assess its efficacy, and the various strategies of mLearning you must know in 2023. Let’s take a look. 

What Is mLearning?

Mobile learning, or mLearning, is learning that can occur anywhere and at any time and is enabled by mobile devices that learners use to browse training material. Mobile learning is made possible by the same technology that everyone moves along with in their hands, i.e., smartphones and tablets. 

As already established, people’s increased flexibility over the past few decades has impacted how they learn and use new knowledge. Employees are no longer restricted to particular places or set timetables thanks to mLearning. Your staff members may complete assigned work, watch video lectures, and take assessments directly from their smartphones with mLearning. 

How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Mobile Learning In 2023?

80% of people in the world today use smartphones. The research also found that a smartphone is more frequently used than a desktop.

The smartphone has widened access to an unlimited supply of information. As a result, employees now want professional training content to be personalized, relevant, easily accessible, and quick. Furthermore, 59.9% of individuals prefer learning via vertical screen orientation on smartphones over learning via horizontal screen orientation is evidence of the smartphone’s dominance. 

Let us look at the top four ways to evaluate the effectiveness of mLearning.

Monitor Employee Participation And Engagement

Today, it is emphasized that millennials, who are also inclined toward communicating and connecting with electronic gadgets, have significant needs, one of which is employee engagement. Monitoring how actively your employees participate in online discussions and activities is one method for evaluating the success of mobile learning. 

You can use a specific tool to collect employee feedback about their experiences with the program or establish surveys within the mobile learning system to track employee engagement. You can also schedule recurring check-ins or progress reports with staff members to assess their interest in the mobile learning program.

Analyze The Results Of Mobile Learning

The goal of mobile learning is not only to provide ease of training but also to alter your employees’ conduct. Your mobile learning strategy and training’s effectiveness can be evaluated by learning outcomes. These results range from enhanced customer support practices to an increase in overall productivity, depending on your online training material. Your employees’ learning and the effectiveness of the training should reflect in their behavior at work.

For instance, did your employees just complete training on safety protocols? Analyzing your employees’ conduct after they have completed the safety course will help you determine its efficacy.

Assess Employee Satisfaction

A third method of assessing the success of mobile learning is to look at how satisfied the employees are with the course or program. No longer are learners limited to learning only on their desktop machines. With mobile learning, they can study whenever it’s convenient for them. Not only is their learning style altered because of this, but it also gives them a sense of satisfaction. 

You can use surveys or focus groups to collect feedback on the mobile learning platform’s content, navigation, and general user experience.

Consider having a more in-depth conversation about your staff members’ mobile learning experiences. This communication might offer insightful information and help you see common patterns or problems.

Obtaining Accurate Data From The Course For Mobile Learning

Another way to measure the effectiveness of your mobile learning is by collecting and analyzing data. By keeping track of the time employees spend on each activity, you can assess how long they spend on it and whether they find it enjoyable. 

You may assess learners’ ability to apply what they have learned by compiling data on the right and wrong answers.

By gathering and evaluating this data, you may understand more about how well the mLearning course meets the learners’ needs and interests. With this data, you can alter the training material as needed to improve its efficacy.

Top 3 mLearning Strategies You Must Know In 2023


Delivering training materials in digestible bites that are easy to ingest on a mobile device is microlearning. This strategy works well because it gives learners instant mobile access to the required details. It is said that the way a user experiences communication affects how they understand the content. When combined with micro and mobile learning, short and animated movies frequently work incredibly well. These quick, elevated videos should be between two and four minutes long, engaging, and direct.  


Two critical developments in online learning continue to be gamification and mobile learning. While gamification is a learner-centered approach that combines exploration and decision-making to accomplish a goal, mobile learning offers the freedom and convenience to finish learning anywhere at any time. The ideal way to give learners influence over the learning experience is through mobile learning and gamification, which fulfills an adult learning principle and inspires your viewers. 


Collaboration is a core part of mLearning since it enables learners to communicate with one another and cooperate to complete tasks and solve difficulties. Utilizing resources like online discussions and social media can help with this. 

Bottom Line

An important activity that can assist firms in trying to make sure that they are giving their employees strong learning experiences is analyzing mobile learning performance in 2023. However, just evaluating it is not enough. As an organization, you also need to solve the difficulties of mLearning and develop more ways to increase the efficiency of your mobile learning program