European Travel Destinations To See Snow

If you have a craving to see European destinations covered by a wintry blanket of snow, there are certainly some places that are better than others to get a guaranteed coating during the colder months.

Here are a few of the top destinations to pick if your vacation plans include a trip across the Atlantic and a visit to some particularly snowy parts of Europe.


The capital of Sweden transforms into a winter wonderland each year, with snowfall almost a certainty on any given visit you make between October and April.

This is the best place to visit for a city break since you can drink in stylish bars, dine at modern restaurants or sit in your hotel playing games at while gazing out at the frozen streets and white-capped buildings.

Remember to wrap up warm, as Stockholm can get pretty cold at this time of year. Average temperatures hover between -3 and -5 degrees Celsius, which is around 30 to 34 Fahrenheit.


Hungary’s largest city is not quite as snowbound as some of its Scandinavian counterparts, but if you time your trip right you could be lucky enough to visit during snowfall.

One particularly good reason to pick Budapest as your European winter destination of choice is the thermal baths. Taking a dip in water heated by the Earth itself, all while white flakes fall and melt around you, will be a truly special experience.


There are plenty of popular places to go skiing in Europe, but the major hotspots tend to be quite expensive during peak periods. If you are looking for a more affordable option which still has plenty of snowy slopes and exciting action on offer, Jasna in Slovakia could be worth considering.

The resort offers all the usual amenities you would expect, from restaurants and bars to well-maintained runs for people of all experience levels. The friendly locals, delightful cuisine and gorgeous views will make it even more appealing.


You might expect this Romanian region to be dripping with the Gothic influence of Bram Stoker’s blood-sucking count from the famous novel. However, on arrival, you will see that the opposite is true, with colorfully painted buildings and contemporary vacation experiences found in most major towns and cities.

That is not to say that exploring Transylvania in the winter will not give you the shivers; the snow which falls on Bran Castle each year lends an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to this already imposing structure.


This isolated province in Finland is famous for a number of reasons, chief amongst which is the harsh yet beautiful winter weather it experiences for months on end. Mile after mile of snow-covered pine trees will stretch out before you and it is the best place to go if you want to ride on a sled pulled by reindeer across the frozen tundra.

Families may find Lapland especially enticing thanks to the associations with Santa Claus that it has developed over the past century. While debate about Santa’s ‘real’ location still rages, the claims made by Lapland’s residents are easy to believe when you see the landscape with your own eyes.


Iceland has a tiny population of little more than 300,000 residents, but its status as a travel destination of choice for anyone who wants to see amazing natural wonders and experience the snow is legendary. More than 2 million people vacationed there in 2017 and the capital of Reykjavik is a great base of operations for some exploring further afield.

From seeing the aurora borealis in the night sky to gazing at the snow-covered volcanic scenery in the daylight, Iceland will take your breath away.