Etudes without Piano

the reign in Spain drives me insane

the moon jumped over the cow
spilling milky light

did you ever hop while swigging scotch
or make a wry word
while distilling whiskey
or behead a French roi
with a shot of  Kentucky Gentlemen

30 days in jail
except for those with 31
and if you land on a square with 29
four more years of bad luck

never cross a monkey with a squirrel
never pack an elephant’s trunk
don’t hiccup in church
or say a prayer in a bar
the spirits aren’t kissing cousins

never break wind in an echo chamber
or tell old farts to plug it
or talk balloon test at the policeman’s ball
or fake a dance step when waltzing with Matilda

always take your guns to town
but never in banks or cell phone stores
always shake hands when greeting politicians
but watch their other pocket-picking hand

this is a poem
an anthropological study
and verbal spaghetti
it is done
because it can be
anything is possible
even sleep
in a conversation or poem

remember the old adage………