Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer David Phan Spills His Secrets

Digital marketing can do wonders for your business, and several companies have already understood this. The adoption of digital marketing in the company’s core strategy is well known, with businesses of all sizes leveraging it for gaining significant benefits. But would your reaction be any different if a digital marketer to share a compelling story of how their services have helped businesses generate over 400% in revenue? If it is shock and awe, David Phan shares how the numerous forms of digital marketing strategies and the way they are utilized play a pivotal role in generating the right outcomes:

Get To Know David Phan

David Phan is the founder and CEO of Phaners, and a powerhouse entrepreneur who is skilled in leveraging digital marketing to help companies and business owners grow their revenue. Digital marketing and entrepreneurship started as a passion for David, who enjoyed being amongst friend who built businesses of their own. This soon turned into an obsession, and he started learning the various digital marketing skills using his resources, online learning and some self-learning. Soon, he was helping out others with his expertise, and this led to a severe demand, leading to David Phan starting a marketing agency of his own, called Phaners. Based in Toronto, Canada, the business quickly developed and became one of Toronto’s fastest-growing media agencies. Within just a few years, Phaners has been able to generate amazing results for its customers to build a strong online presence, drive sales, generate traffic and increase revenue.

David Phan

Tips To Succeed Using Digital Marketing

David’s #1 focus is to help people build a strong online presence and generate exposure to help drive revenue. To create sustainable digital marketing strategies that keep producing astonishing results, Phan recommends focusing on a few essential items. These are:

Build a strong online presence

The first thing is to get the business in front of the customers. In their own words, “Don’t leave any money on the table from clients that are ready to pay but didn’t, simply because they have never heard of you.” Getting maximum exposure and creating a strong online profile is key to increasing brand awareness. Phaners uses SEO optimization and social media to build a strong brand presence and spread the word.

Make your marketing actionable

To truly create a fantastic digital marketing strategy, it is essential to generate an actionable plan. David recommends doing this by understanding the businesses’ market niche, how it operates and the kind of competitors it has in the industry. It is by considering these factors that companies can build an online brand and have their website featured on the top spots using digital marketing tools. Businesses that focus on their ROI and have a clear marketing goal can generate a lot more traffic and lead the customers to take appropriate actions at each stage of the customer’s journey.

Make use of your insights

Digital marketing isn’t just a one-time quick fix but takes a continuous approach to keep generating results. A great strategy that David Phan used when handling the online business needs of his business was connecting the person with a range of prospective clients that visited his site. Phaners ensured that the company used the right keywords and took customer understanding to locate the customer’s from a varied range of target audience. Using insights to further enhance or reflect on the marketing strategy is key to generating the right outcome while leveraging it for creating more success.

Stay ahead of the competition

Every business today has fierce competition, and with digital marketing helping connect customers with solutions available anywhere in the world, it is bound to affect business. To make sure a company is not missing out on clients, it is crucial to understand the competition and stay a step ahead. Phan has helped clients generate outcomes by using better-optimized client websites and providing a great experience on their social channels to gain positive results. This helped the business tackle its competitors and generate over 400% in revenue.

The bottom-line: Go above & beyond

Phan’s digital marketing strategy covers a wide array of marketing strategies such as social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO, all of which can help boost your company’s revenue. Know more about how you can adopt the secrets to success by following his Instagram or subscribing to his podcast ‘Behind the Success‘, that has David share his life lessons and inspiring stories.


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    Jason, I loved reading your article. You and David provided useful information like “Digital marketing isn’t just a one-time quick fix but takes a continuous approach to keep generating results.”
    I totally agree with you. We should help people set the right expectations in Digital Marketing.
    Additionally, we should remember “slow and steady wins the race!”

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