Ej Dalius’ Perspective on How to Address Some Generic Entrepreneurial Dilemmas

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A primary task that the entrepreneur lacks is choosing what and how to sell. If you are thinking of leaping into the world of entrepreneurship, you first need to select what to sell. The process needs careful planning to give you the best results. On the other hand, if you have already selected your services and products, it is easier to implement further strategies.

Eric J Dalius Directs How and What to Sell

Identification of a niche category that can shower you plenty of cash is essential. For an established company, Ej Dalius advises going for either of the two options; marketing firms or freelance researchers. Marketing firms have the expertise and experience and will fetch you the required consultation with supporting facts and evidence. On the other hand, freelance researchers are also a potential choice if your company is low on spending. You can hire such freelancers who possess the desired knowledge in your field. In the case of freelancers, you will have to clear the required pointers and bridge gaps in understanding. Few of the elements Eric J Dalius stress that should be at the top of your evaluation list:

  • Competitors and their market influence
  • Market sizing: value and volume
  • Forecast and future trends and driving forces
  • Industry growth rates
  • Investment opportunities
  • Pricing and changes regarding the same
  • Regulations in several parts of the world
  • Expansion threats in case of geography and product or service portfolio

Planning Appropriately Keeping the Practical Nature Intact

Planning is crucial. A business that does not have plans will slack behind the other key competitors. Eric Dalius mentions solving this issue by creating a list of goals, to-dos, and weekly accomplishments. When you note everything down, it is easier to analyze the raw data and come to conclusions. For instance, if you create a weekly goal list, abide by it, and at the end of the week, you can learn the mistakes and errors, and what you can improve during the process. In such a way, you will never slack and will always be on track.

Insights by Eric Dalius on making a brand

When you refer to making a brand from your business, it means to follow high-end and ultra-effective marketing strategies. At the start of the journey, you might not know the best way to market your products. Choosing the correct target audience, evaluation of your competitors’ strategies, selecting the distribution channels, and mode of sales, all of this is overwhelming. Whether to market a product through print, social media, electronic advertising, or e-mails is challenging. In such cases, an entrepreneur can make the wrong choices, starting the downfall of the company. Hence, it is crucial to evaluate marketing strategies and need more than one perspective to conclude.

With the right dedication and morale, you can achieve high levels of success. Moreover, with a highly skilled team, you can soar the business ideas and seek expansion opportunities for your business quickly.


Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay