Challenges and Solutions at Different Stages of Entrepreneurship by Ej Dalius

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Every entrepreneur knows that they have to face particular challenges to reach their goal. The journey will be full of ups and downs with no sign of success in immediate sight. If you look at all the issues through the same magnifying glass, you may fail to go deep. Experts suggest classifying it into different phases and challenges can be useful, though. It will give you the bandwidth to see through them and gather the necessary resources on your track. Many successful business owners have done it and found it to be effective.

Ej Dalius says you can also take this approach to simplify your situation and have a fulfilling experience along the way.

Stages of ideation and execution by Eric J Dalius

You start with a brilliant idea that focuses on an issue, demand gap, and profitability. Your main challenge is getting that one right idea because there can be no entrepreneurial experience without it. If you have one, you need to check its viability and long-term usefulness. Only then it makes sense to take risks and passionately follow it up. Make sure you don’t begin working on it before getting it tested and reviewed.

Eric J Dalius says that the next stage is execution. You have to execute it. For this, you will need ample resources and the right people. Finding an idea and translating it into a reality can again be stressful. However, as mentioned, if you have the technology, funds, and people, you will not have to worry. Create an infrastructure to facilitate this part of your journey.

Eric Dalius: Growth and reaching the top

Once you launch your idea in the form of a product or service, you enter another level of entrepreneurship, which involves scaling up. A growing business means more operational tasks, funding, employees, and tools. The competition will also be higher as you need to attract more customers and revenue. As a solution, you can study what your competitors are doing and offer your prospects a distinct value proposition. You will have to be thorough with your research and be confident about your product’s demand.

The final level is getting your business on the top, Eric Dalius adds. You can feel proud of your achievement. However, please don’t make it a long celebration. The chances of falling from the top are more when you lose focus. You have to secure your market position and increase your market share. At this stage, you can run out of innovative spirit. You may not have the same amount of passion and excitement with which you had started. If you hit the saturation level, you can soon lose the competitive edge and become indistinguishable. The best way to avoid this is to keep yourself motivated. If you ensure this, you can have a long unbeaten run.

Entrepreneurship can bestow you with a unique learning curve, which you may not have when working for someone else. So, if you are ready to take on challenges and grow with each challenge you overcome, you don’t need to wait to explore it.


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