Dylan Jacob’s big game plan includes ‘transformation’ of the drinkware industry

A lot of entrepreneurs believe that the success of their venture relates to their skills and overall experience in the niche area. While you definitely need the drive and patience to launch and run the business, you also need to focus on the trends and factors influencing changes in the business environment. Digital technology has changed the rules of the game. Tapping fingers on one’s smartphone could open the door to a host of business opportunities across the globe. As a result, more young minds are exploring the prospect of entrepreneurship.

One such entrepreneur who took the plunge is the 24-year-old Dylan Jacob. Denver-based Dylan ventured into entrepreneurship after dropping out of engineering college. It began with his passion for adding some value to the industry in his own way.  This gradually led him to identify gaps in the market and introduce products or services that people needed. In no time, he went on to launch GV Supply Co. that dealt with purchase, repair, and resale of broken phones. He eventually sold this company and launched Vicci Design, a manufacturer and distributor of glass wall tile.

His third venture was born out of his own experience. Dylan sensed the need for insulated drinkware that would maintain the temperature of alcoholic beverages. Identifying this gap in the drinkware industry, he launched ‘BrüMate.’

Within a year of launching his drinkware brand for alcoholic beverages, he began selling his products online through his website. Unexpectedly, BrüMate achieved an annual sales turnover of $2.5 million in a short span of time. The patronage and success motivated Dylan to scale up his business to keep up with the growing demand. He got instrumental in bagging contracts from reputed brands including Cabela’s and Olympia Sports. To date, BrüMate has witnessed multi-fold growth, achieving an annual turnover of $35 million.

To add to his list of accolades, he was featured in the ‘Forbes 30 under 30 – Retail & E-Commerce’ category. BrüMate emerged as one of the top 15 fastest-growing privately held companies in America as per the Inc. 5000 list. His long-term vision is to change the way people drink and enable a comforting drinking experience. His big plan is to transform the drinkware industry through his unique offerings, scaling BrüMate into to a 9-figure company.

He adds, “Entrepreneurship presents new challenges every day. We often believe that the challenges are bigger than they truly are. I have seen entrepreneurs hesitate to take risks because of fear of failure. However, real success comes to those who dare to take the unexplored path. Today, even though I have established myself in the industry, I wish to experiment and explore newer markets, achieve greater heights, and become a market pioneer.”