Dr. Garrett Wirth – The co-inventor of Flex HD Pliable MAX who’s changing lives of women undergoing breast reconstruction

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In the early 20th century, breast reconstruction was highly stigmatized. Over the last few decades, the procedure has been modified and refined and now provides some incredible opportunities for women around the world. The first-ever breast construction surgery was conducted in 1895, but since then, surgeons across the world have developed new techniques to make the process smoother, less painful and more rewarding for patients. One of the surgeons dedicated to this cause is Dr. Garrett Wirth.

Garrett Wirth, MD, MS, FACS is known for his expertise in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Currently, he is the Chief of the Plastic Surgery Section at the Tibor Rubin Long Beach Veterans Affairs Hospital and the Medical Director at the Wound Healing Center at MemorialCare Long Beach Hospital, both in Long Beach, California, USA. He has also been a Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of California. Dr. Wirth is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, as a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the editor and author of ‘Personalized Breast Care – A Guide for Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Cancer, and Reconstruction.’

He now has his own practice, Wirth Plastic Surgery, in Newport Beach, California. “It’s extremely important to take out the time and understand what the patient wants at each step of the journey. We always ensure that the patient’s body and mind are cared for throughout the experience,” says Dr. Wirth. He is also the co-inventor of a breast reconstruction product—FlexHD Pliable MAXTM with MTF Biologics (Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation). The surgery helps “Build a better breast” TM and is also described as an “internal bra” TM.

With the extensive research done by Dr. Wirth and 3 other co-inventors, at the team at MTF Biologics realized that this new design brings significant benefits to women going through breast reconstruction. As Dr. Wirth states, “FlexHD Pliable Pliable MAXTM is designed to create a more elegant breast pocket with a nearly two-dimensional pattern transforming into a three-dimensional shape, creating an “internal bra” TM of support for both tissue expanders and breast implants.” “While there are several other benefits to the product, and especially to the design, it is the ability to provide an outstanding breast reconstruction option designed specifically for each patient with less downtime and more comfort that really keeps me motivated in this area” states Dr. Wirth.

Dr. Wirth has also published many articles in national and international surgical journals. Over the years, he has trained nearly 50 plastic surgery residents, many of whom are now Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and are well regarded in their respective fields. Not only this, but he has also mentored over 20 researchers from around the world and been a teacher to hundreds of medical students.

During his many years of practice in the field, Dr. Wirth has performed over 20,000 procedures; including abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast augmentations and more as well as a great deal of breast reconstructions with microsurgery techniques, tissue expanders, breast implants, fat grafting as well as with and without the invention – FlexHD Pliable MAXTM. Due to his contribution to the field, Dr. Wirth has won multiple prestigious awards, including America’s Top Plastic Surgeon and the Top 10 Doctor Award by Vitals. Even though Dr. Wirth is well-known for his mastery in the practice of cosmetic surgery, he also helps patients in need by applying highly technical skills such as microsurgery for trauma victims, patients with cancer, burn patients and especially breast reconstruction surgery.

Dr. Wirth’s contribution to the field of plastic surgery and breast reconstruction has been nothing short of incredible. His invention is also playing a vital role and receiving critical acclaim in the field. It’s not easy for breast cancer patients to recover after a full mastectomy, but the procedure is helping them restore a sense of feminine wholeness while they rehabilitate. Dr. Wirth states, “I am honored as each patient chooses me to walk this journey with them, and I always work to be the best team member for them.”