6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Determine What Medical Career is Best For You

There are countless positions in the medical field of all types. Medicine is always in demand and will be for as long as there are humans in the world. Many people seek out medical professional positions because of the many rewards that come with it. From high salaries and a sense of security, medical careers have a reputation for being the ideal career for different personalities and desires.

TV shows and movies have changed the way people see the medical field. It can appear to be more exciting and eventful and have persuaded many people to consider taking on a medical position. Regardless of your reasoning behind it, you will have the opportunity to impact other’s lives. You want to think about certain factors to help you determine where you want to go in the medical field. Ask your self the right questions to reveal the right medical position for you.

1. What motivates you?

First, you need to understand what you look for in a career and what gets you going. You want to be motivated at work and to do that you must understand your motivations. Regardless if they are related directly to your career or not, you will be able to use your motives to help you see where you would fit best.

The medical field is gigantic and there are many possibilities out there for all personality types and career desires. Think about if you seek adventure and chaos more than peace and quiet. If so, you may think you fit better in more physical and socially demanding positions.

2. What work environment do you like?

Work environments are important to think about when you are considering a new position or a new field of work. What type of place you would like to work in will also help with your decision. Think about what type of people you want to be around and if you want to be around people at all. If you enjoy being around children you should consider a position in pediatrics or children’s hospitals.

Think about certain personality traits, as well. So you want to think about if you are either an introvert or an extrovert because you want to feel comfortable in your work environment so choose something that will fit your lifestyle. Those that would prefer to interact with patients and fellow medical professionals should think about taking on hospital or practice positions. There are many different work environments besides hospitals that will fit your liking, for example:

  • Hospice
  • Private practice
  • Urgent Care Clinic
  • Nursing Home
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Telehealth
  • And more

3. What position type do you want to be a part of?

The medical field is filled with positions of all types. Use both your motivations and workplace environment to help you determine what options you have for a medical career. Think about what you would enjoy doing all day and for a long time. Do you like to work in a team or work alone? Would you want to work from home or in a busy environment? These questions are important in finding the right career for you.

Assess your personality and your traits and skills to show you what positions fit you best. Well-organized people may fit better in billing and coding positions or those who are proficient in stress management should consider chaotic positions in the ER or other emergency fields. With the growth of technology today, more and more medical positions are being created. Even health organizations have emerged to accommodate new technologies.

4. What are the required skills?

When you are looking for a new position or career its important to think about what skills you must have to be considered. Medical professionals require a certain kind of skill set that is tailored to specific work environments and type of job. Some may say that most medical positions share some similar requirements. You must be able to work well under pressure and tend to your responsibilities properly.

Working in the medical field requires you to have a level of interpersonal skills so you can interact with others. You have to be open and most times extroverted to excel in your position. Medical positions are not for the weak as you have to deal with a lot of stress due to work conditions and long hours.

5. Do you need more education or training?

Once you have determined what skills are required by your positons it is important to think about if you need to get more education. When you are looking for a job and the job description doesn’t necessarily match your skillset, you must get the appropriate form of training and education.

You have to remember that working in medicine requires a lot of responsibility and other’s people will be depending on you. You want to make sure that you are qualified for your job and equipt with the right knowledge and skill to get the job done properly. Most positions require certain academic degrees and certifications to even be qualified. There are some out there that don’t require much education or training as others.

6. Where would you like to work?

Lastly, you want to think about what location you want to work in. There is a demand for medical professionals all around the world. Think about the type of job you want to do. If you want to work overseas aiding those who don’t have the resources, then you should be looking at the locations you want to work in and researching them. If you want to stay close to home and are where you are comfortable, consider looking in nearby cities or even within the vicinity of your home.

Don’t shy away from branching out and relocating for your new position. There are more opportunities out there if you take the leap of faith and move to a new place. Think about what type of work you will be doing to help you choose a place to live. For example, if you will be working with cancer patients you want to try and choose a location that has a need and demand for medical professionals who practice cancer treatments.