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Dr. Cat’s inspiring journey of becoming a famous plastic surgeon

Dr. Cat, celebrity female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, is featured on the most buzzed E! show, Dr. 90210. But do you how Dr. Cat started her journey as a plastic surgeon, why she chose to become a plastic surgeon, and where she acquired the skills to become one?

Dr. Cat wears multiple hats and has been an over-achiever since an early age. She has an impressive background of academic excellence, being rated as one of America’s top 25 high school students and scoring a perfect SAT score. During her college years, Dr. Cat was invited to the White House to meet the President of the United States twice when she was recognized as a Presidential Scholar and science winner.

Dr. Cat (Courtesy photo)

Her journey to become a world-famous plastic surgeon was not an easy road. The first time it struck Dr. Cat, and she knew it was her calling to become a plastic surgeon, was when she had her first exposure to the world of surgery. When she volunteered at a local hospital and stepped into the OR, she knew right at that moment that plastic surgery was her destiny. She has not looked back ever since.

Dr. Cat’s faith and high ambition got her into Harvard, where she graduated with Honors with a Molecular and Cellular Biology major. But Dr. Cat did not stop there. Her passion carried her all the way from Harvard to UCLA, California, to join a medical school. Her special interest in UCLA was stem cells, which are found in fat injections and fat. She also published several research papers in scientific journals and plastic surgery on her topic of interest.

As soon as Dr. Cat graduated and got her medical degree, she was selected into UCLA’s very competitive Head and Neck surgery training program for 6 years. She performed and gained experience in Reconstructive and Facial plastic surgery. This was definitely a big deal for Dr. Cat, as UCLA’s plastic surgery training programs are rated amongst the top training programs nationally in all areas of Aesthetic and plastic surgery.

In an article published by Dr. Cat in 2020, she says that her biggest sacrifice to become a plastic surgeon was not the time or money she spent; instead, she gave herself up as a person in order to become a good healthcare professional. The more she practiced plastic surgery and medicine, the more she found herself and grew into her identity as a woman.

Dr. Cat specializes in a wide range of cosmetic procedures on the body and face, such as Botox, fillers, labiaplasty, and more. Dr. Cat’ is known for her signature “natural-looking tummy tuck,” which sets her apart from the rest. Her unique and gentle techniques allow a short recovery period for her patient’s minimal bruises and pain while also leaving nearly invisible scars.

Although she gets her exceptional plastic surgery skills and knowledge from Harvard and UCLA, what makes her truly stand out in her profession is her level of understanding and compassion with her patients. She is very open and transparent with her patients during the entire surgical process so her patients fully understand the details of their procedure. Dr. Cats’ unapologetic perfectionism delivers the best results and is why patients travel across the globe to get their surgery done with her.

Though her journey was long and painful, it helped shape Dr. Cat into the world-renowned female plastic surgeon she is today. Dr. Cat inspires many young women to chase their dreams while loving themselves in the process.

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