3 Tips for Choosing a Link-Building Agency

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If you own a business, you likely need a website to thrive. Most people find new businesses by searching online these days. Your business can only attract customers if it has a substantial online presence.

That said, your website can also only benefit your business if people visit it. That’s why you need to take steps to ensure your site ranks high in results pages when users perform relevant searches.

One way you can do so is by developing a link-building strategy. Link building is the process of generating consistent links to your site from other sites. The more often others link to your site, the more Google’s algorithm will prioritize your site in search results pages, as frequent links to your content indicate it’s authoritative and high-quality.

However, not all link-building strategies are equally effective. You need a certain degree of expertise to develop and implement a strategy that yields optimal results. 

Additionally, developing a truly strong link-building strategy can be time-consuming. As a business owner, you likely already have many other tasks to attend to. You might not have the extra bandwidth to handle this as well.

You don’t have to. You’re actually better off coordinating with a link-building agency instead. To choose one that’s right for your business, keep the following points in mind:

Look for a Holistic Approach

The degree to which others link to your site is a major factor that will contribute to its rankings in search results pages. However, it’s not the only important factor. Other SEO components also play a critical role in your site’s growth.

Look for a link-building team that acknowledges this. They should openly admit that a large number of links to your site may not be enough to transform it into a popular destination for potential customers. The ideal team will address how their approach accounts for other important factors as well.

Ask About Specific Results (But Be Suspicious of Promises)

Some link-building agencies will advertise their services with vague or exaggerated “guarantees” promising to deliver certain results. Be wary of such agencies.

Instead, when discussing your goals with a link-building team, ask them to cite results from their past successes, and ask them to explain in specific terms how they were able to achieve such results. If they’ve truly done right by their former customers, they should be eager to provide this information.

Find One That Fits Your Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

You naturally can’t spend more than you can afford when hiring a link-building agency. However, you also don’t want to settle for one that will fail to meet your expectations simply because their services are particularly affordable.

Many of the strongest link-building agencies offer flexible pricing, with plans to suit the budgets of both small business owners and major enterprises. Seek that degree of flexibility. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t spend very much, ask those you’re considering working with to provide an honest summary of the results you can expect based on how much you’re spending. Again, if it sounds like they’re making false promises, strongly consider another option.

Of course, experience also matters. It’s wise to choose a link-building agency that’s been in business for several years. Their expertise will help your website attract many more visitors. This, in turn, will help your own business grow.

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