Detective recalls a true hero but unfortunately Las Vegas brass does a no show at funeral

Dear Editor,

On Monday I attended the memorial service for my friend, Master Sgt. Chuck Collingwood, retired US Army Delta Force operator and retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department  SWAT officer.

As I prepare to end this day and decompress all the emotions of celebrating a hero’s life, I am left with many mixed emotions! I’ve had a week and a half to process the insurmountable loss of my dearest friend and mentor. I saw many wonderful and brave warriors today and good folks who came to honor him!

Chuck Collingwood

It’s what I DID NOT see that struck me most of all! You see my friend Chuck gave twenty years to the Las Vegas citizens and their police department! Chuck endured many knee operations including a replacement, a quadruple bypass heart operation and he was shot in the line of duty!

And what I DID NOT see was a Sheriff, UnderSheriff or an executive staff ( with two exceptions) come to pay their respect and homage to this warrior! That to me SPEAKS VOLUMES. It’s not meant to be political but it sadly is the prima facia evidence as to why the LVMPD is in such peril!

It has NO leadership at the top! NO respect of its true warriors! But this same inept and impotent so-called administration is seen time and time again protecting the dirty and cowardice cops it so often does! It’s sad to me as a retired officer who loves my old department! I pray for those who remain who know this and for those who don’t! I’m not sure which is worse frankly!

I post this as I digest today’s events and answer a multitude of best wishes from today’s attendees! They were there from Day 1 of our Police career, and they were with us for the remainder including retirement. They said these things today in remarks to me and I felt compelled to address it! It really is a sad sign of the times and gives me great joy that I have been proven right in my choice of friends and partners. It also is a testament to the resolve I have felt my entire career! It’s just sad Las Vegas is a more dangerous place because of it.”

Detective Robert Kinch (Ret.) Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department