Core Values and Employability – What Justin J. Allen Looks for in a Job Candidate

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We’ve always had a strong fascination with talking to employers and CEOs, particularly about what they look for in a potential employee. We find this is important because we’ve all looked for jobs at some point in our life, and knowing what employers out there are looking for help. It allows us to hone our skills and focus on the things employers value the most.

This is how we came to be talking about this to Justin J. Allen, the founder of DA Method Sports Agency and DA Method Apparel (along with his business partners Darryl Wilson & James “AJ” Mason) . He is also the head of multi-million-dollar security service (with his partners as well), and the owner of the soon-to-be-launched Premier Lounge and Premier Cutz. In other words, he knows a thing or two about employing the right people. Because as every good employer knows, you need good, reliable people around you if you truly mean to succeed.

Justin Allen (Courtesy photo)

So right off the bat, we wanted to know what Allen looks for in a potential candidate, and what his mentality is, in hiring someone.

 “I look to see if they reflect the brand or company. If they are problem solvers, self-motivated, detailed, organized, excellent communicator, a visionary, enthusiastic, leader, understand their job description, punctual.”

You hear a lot about these characteristics from many HR departments and CEOs. And it makes sense that people would want to hire a capable communicator, and someone they can rely on to get tasks done. However, that doesn’t get us, job hunters, too far. After all, we all think we’re good communicators, reliable, and so on. And while it’s always a good idea to try and polish these skills in your spare time, it wasn’t that part of Allen’s answer that caught our eye.

It was the part about reflecting the brand or the company. Allen seems to have hit on a very important matter with this one, because you can be excellent at all the above skills, and still fail a job interview. Why? Because you don’t align with what the respective company stands for.

And as the head of several businesses, Allen understands a thing or two about brand values and goals. In fact, when asked about them, his answer is straightforward and certain. What are his core values, across his many businesses?

“Honor, Pride, Respect, and Loyalty.”

Which raises a very interesting topic for all those people out there currently struggling to get a job. According to Allen, it’s not all about your CV, or about your past experience. It’s about what you reflect, what you impress upon the interviewer. So, it might make sense to pay some attention to that, the next time you’re preparing to go in for an interview, right?

Justin Allen certainly thinks so. An energetic visionary and entrepreneur, Allen gives no signs of stopping his creative endeavors anytime soon. And who knows, maybe next time, you’ll be applying at one of his companies… and now you know what to focus on!