Communion & Compassion

The saintly fool and the cavalry

I’ve been them both to some degree

Professing truth from the corner box

EMT, then throwing rocks

Yet, despite these contradictions and the human this hypocracy displays

I’m growing in the spirit

Of the one who knows my heart and holds my days

The die was cast at an early age

Still now and then I skip a page

Forcing me to about face

A proper stance to fill this space

With the wisdom I was missing in the frantic pace to close another year
Communion and compassion

A perfect team to overcome this fear

Please don’t  misunderstand  me

Don’t assume my life’s a pure disaster

From every indication, there are many days I seem to get it right

Believe me when I tell you

It’s not the many days that he is after

But, a willing heart committed to living every moment in his light

The story ends on a higher note

Takes more than strength to stay afloat

His saving grace has rescued me

From all my schemes and strategies

With every fading sunset, through each new day and everywhere I roam

His love blows through my purpose

Like a wind against my back, to lead me home