CJ’s Crabhouse and Grill worth a visit

I have been going to CJ’s Crabhouse and Grill for years, like maybe close to 20.  Whenever I get the craving for seafood, which is often, I head in that direction.  Fortunately for me, the restaurant is only five miles from my home.

IMG_1291It is owned by three brothers, Jeff, Gary and Terry; one of them is always there.  And that’s a good thing. An owner on the premise usually means the staff is on their toes. Their parents, Charlie and Jeanne, bought the restaurant in 1978 and the brothers have been running it for about 20 years.

CJ’s is open seven days for lunch and dinner, plenty of parking in front, will cater, have a small area adjacent to the restaurant for carry out and crabs are often available year round.  But the boys will tell you, other than the summer months, you should check in advance. Of course the crab cakes are always available. And there is a small area for private gatherings, up to about 40 people.

Some of the house specialties include the shrimp salad and the steamed shrimp. But more often than not, when I go there most of the tables have crabs.

I know this is boring, but once in awhile I get the turkey burger, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Another good feature is that many of the staff has been there for years. I notice the long timers call the customers by name and many of the customers actually ask for a specific server.

There is a bar, always crowded, with TV’s usually showing sports

Generally they do not take reservations. On weekends I advise getting there early. If you think you can stroll in Friday or Saturday at 6, 7 or 8 and get an immediate table, forget it.  I’ve seen the same problem on summer weekday nights.

Baltimore Magazine rated CJ’s as one of Baltimore’s Best Crab Houses on four occasions.  Call 410-363-6694 or go to cjscrabs.com.