Too few Christians vote

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Dear Editor,

Vote or Perish.

Because so few Christians vote, self-serving politicians govern our country. They enact laws God calls abominable. Our children are taught to hate God and worship the earth. Body parts of the unborn are sold for profit. Borders are kept open for terrorists and criminals. Bribes are accepted while the needs of the poor are ignored. Our allies are abandoned while our enemies are embraced. In many cases unemployment pays more than work and our economy is on the verge of collapse. Congress exempts itself from laws it passes and appoints political allies instead of impartial judges to our Supreme Court.

If Christians don’t start voting, powerful parties will continue to mobilize enough of their godless friends to win elections. We absolutely must start taking part in the affairs of community, state and federal governments. Register today and get involved!

Stephen Blanton
Believer and Voter,
Bluffton, South Carolina