Checking Blackmail List to keep your business out of these

For companies operating in the marketing domain and sending newsletters as a primary part of their activities, it is important to ensure the deliverability of these emails. However, in the world of ever-increasing amounts of data, emails and online activities, sometimes many marketing email receivers are too irritated by incredible amounts of these and start blacklisting certain senders. For a successful run of email campaigns, it is therefore essential to ensure that your email is not on someone’s blacklist.

One of the easiest tools to do it would be blacklist check service allowing to add spammers to the blacklist within 1-2 hours and thus block their activities in the whole network of connected platform simultaneously. Usually, businesses or agencies taking care of this for them have these lists of emails from which unsolicited activities take place. This makes constant monitoring of spamming activities possible and time-efficient.

Features of Cloud Spam Protection Softwares

Luckily, there are not only spammers all around but also specially developed software that takes care of the blacklist issues and other aspects of anti-spam protection. Apart from being easily accessible and based on the cloud solution, these services also have high accuracy levels and allow for great precision when it comes to filtering relevant and non-relevant content. If you are eager to learn more about these services, stay tuned!

Below are some of the most outstanding features these solutions provide users with:

  • Real-time protection: the software is designed to constantly conduct real-time intelligence checks seeking spambots generating unwished activities. All legitimate messages are publishing in real time and spam is blocking automatically. This enhances user experience and allows users to see all the comments without delays;
  • Invisible protection: sometimes it is incredibly irritative for users to see the captcha. Therefore, this software solution ensures there is no captcha. Users are not required to prove that they are human and thus get irritated and stop using your website. On the contrary, these services are built with a strong focus on the final user and his or her experiences;
  • Simple at usage: apart from being convenient to the end users of your websites, these software applications are also easy to use by your staff. By installing one of our anti-spam plugins, you guarantee the highest website protection immediately;
  • Technical support available 24/7: another value-adding feature is the availability of the support around the clock.

To wrap things up, there is a variety of spamming activities which may significantly damage the activities of businesses and companies even with the greatest public images. Therefore, using special services is a must to stay afloat as well as constantly checking whether your personal emailing activities are conducted as desired.