Central HVAC Installation and Air Conditioners for Homes Are Needed in the Summer Months

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When the summer heat starts pelting down on your home, the inside temperature can reach nominal record highs, and depending on how insulated or how energy efficient your home is, your house can even be up to 20 degrees higher inside than the temperature outside (also known as the greenhouse effect).

That’s why in the summer months, it’s almost essential that you have air conditioning, and depending on the size of your home, and the type of home it is (as well as the age of your home), you should consider having professional services install central HVAC and air conditioners installed in your home during the summer months so you can stay cool in the summer, and remain comfortable and warm in the winter months later on. In this guide, we’ll show you why central air units are needed during the summer months more than ever.

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Global Warming, Hot Summers, and Energy Efficiency

Global warming is just one of the many factors involved that affect why you should be getting a central air unit. With temperatures steadily rising, your home’s internal temperature can lead to dangerous levels, and central air can actually help eliminate that without having to run your electricity bill up too high (keep reading).

Getting central air has been proven to be the scientific and the more logical efficient way to cool your entire home on many levels, at the same time, it’s one of the most energy-efficient ways as well. By using a central air unit, you can get an energy efficient condenser that will run only when necessary, and even when it’s running all the time, will still not be as energy draining as smaller units. By choosing the right size for your home, or one that can cool a home a little larger than yours, you can set the unit to the temperature you want, and it won’t constantly be running.

Why You May Need New HVAC Solutions

If you purchased or are living in an older home and have an HVAC system installed, your old ducts could cause a large chunk of your cooled air to leak outside of the old ductwork, which can lead to higher energy bills over the year.  If you get a new system installed, you can have the security of knowing that your energy costs will be far less than it is if you use the old ones. At the same time, if they’re in great shape, this can shave off your installation bill with less work and materials needed.

Make Sure You Filter Your Air

By keeping your air filters fresh and clean, you’ll not only keep the air in your homes cleaner, but also in your ductwork, and our central air unit itself clean. This will increase the proficiency in its ability to cool your home quickly and efficiently.


Having the internal temperature house in the state of a heat wave can be dangerous for you, your pets, and your family. The more hot air is inside your house, the less good oxygen there will be for you, as well as the less circulation you’ll be able to have to keep you safe from heat-related injuries. In the summer months, you want to hire a good HVAC installer to come in and see if your home may need its central air fixed, replaced, or even worse, your entire HVAC unit.

Therefore, just before the heatwaves of summer hit, you want to make sure you have a professional inspection done. If you don’t have a central air unit, you may want to consider getting one to save you time and money in your future.