Wear cotton masks where’er you go
stay miles away from strangers
Wash hands til they turn cracked and red
Report scofflaws to rangers

Raid grocers shelves at 6 am
make shopping trips a caper
Buy bread and milk and tuna fish
and lots of toilet paper

All warnings new
do make us blue
As we secure
the key
No need to sigh
and wonder why
This bug is too

* * * * *

That stifling scarf that shrouds your face
the distance – far away
Yet hands I held in summers past
I’ll hold again someday

A glass of wine is waiting here
a French baguette and brie
A starlit sky to please the eye
once you’ve returned me

All memories true
eclipse the blue
When I unlock
the key
No need to sigh
we both know why
Your love is too

(Lede photo:Image by SEBASTIEN MARTY from Pixabay)