Can the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl again?

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Winning the Super Bowl instantly showers the franchise, its players and fans with fame and glory. The biggest stage in the world after the playoffs hosts two of the best teams who go head to head in a bid to see who will be crowned champions. The road to a championship is rarely an easy one and back to back wins at the Super Bowl is near impossible.

Behind the leadership of the young Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs won the last Super Bowl and are looking ahead to next season to repeat their success. Experts and pundits are excited about American football betting odds as the Chiefs have largely secured the same line up as last season and enter the new one with their confidence still brimming. Hard work still needs to be done as other teams have shaken up their rosters to become the new Super Bowl champions.

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Last Season

Last season saw the unlikely Kansas City Chiefs make a spectacular comeback win in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers. At the start of the game the 49ers put pressure on Mahomes, managing to sack him four times. His first big mistake came in the third quarter where he threw his first post-season interception which led to the 49ers scoring a touchdown on the other end leaving the score 20-10 in favor of San Francisco.

During the fourth quarter Mahomes and the Chiefs came alive and managed to string together some remarkable plays that earned them necessary yardage to go on and win the game. Mahomes during the final push for victory, ended the game passing 286 yards in total and completed 26 out of 42 of his passes. His performances throughout the playoffs and on the final night earned him Super Bowl MVP honors and a lucrative contract extension with the Chiefs.

Trades and Contract Extensions

The Chiefs have largely kept the same winning roster heading into the new season. They have managed to sign extensions to their top wide receivers: DeMarcus Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman. The significance of this is the players all know Patrick Mahomes well and the offensive style of the Chiefs, the chemistry the players have developed will help them down the stretch as they battle for another chance at post-season success.

The Chiefs have added the veteran presence of offensive tackle Mike Remmers to their roster. After spending 8 years as a starter for multiple teams, Remmers now gives the Chiefs versatility in his position and a maturity to help motivate some of the younger players to maintain a standard of professionalism even if the team starts to struggle with some of their opponents.

Defensive tackle Chris Jones is arguably one of the most consistent players for the Chiefs. He has led them in sacks in each of the past two seasons and as long as he is not tempted by another team with a larger budget, he will remain a franchise player for the Chiefs and will help lead their defensive team.

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Biggest Competition

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens missed out on the Super Bowl last season but now have a team that is in contention to take that top spot. The Ravens and the Chiefs have met in the post-season 10 times with the Chiefs winning 6 of those games. The two teams have become even harder now to separate given the rise of their star quarterbacks respectively and the supporting cast of players who will hope to help push the team to the Super Bowl and a championship.

Sharing the same division, the Las Vegas Raiders have always been bitter rivals to the Chiefs. In recent years, however, this rivalry has started to settle as the Chiefs have gone from strength to strength, almost leaving the Raiders behind in search of bigger competition such as the New England Patriots or the San Francisco 49ers.

Chances of winning Super Bowl

Having managed to retain some of their key players and adding league veterans where necessary, the Chiefs have placed themselves in a great position to head to the Super Bowl and lift the Vince Lombardi trophy again. There is stifling competition throughout the long road to the post-season and all of the Chiefs will have to perform to the best of their abilities to remain competitive in the league and achieve the ultimate goal of victory and becoming champions once again.


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