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B’More Smoothie: B’More healthy, B’More organic

“Try this,” I say to Harry, my 7- year-old son.

“What is it?” he says, intrigued.


Perfect healthy drink for children too. Harry couldn’t stop drinking it.

“It’s a B’More Smoothie,” I reply.”‘Which flavor would you like?”

He chooses Mango and Banana, my favorite. Three minutes later, the bottle is empty.

“I love them!” he declares, the probiotic goodness settling in his stomach and the 36g of protein making their journey to give him that much-needed healthy boost.

Goodness in a bottle, that’s B’More Smoothies. And I love a good local success story. Jen and Andrew are two Baltimore folk who, in 2009 took a fundraising trip with Jodi’s Climb for Hope to Iceland. Andrew, like me, is a protein freak and they had some breakfast that consisted of granola with some yogurt-like product. This turned out to be “skyr” (pronounced ‘skeer’) which has the nutritional content of one 6 oz serving—22 g protein, 0 fat and only 6 g of sugar. It also contained healthy bacteria and was missing from much of the American diet that they then encountered back home.

Jen says:”I wanted to be able to provide Americans with an easy to consume healthy protein and bring back a piece of Iceland. B’more Organic was born.”

b'moreingredientsThe flavors are Vanilla, Mango and Banana, Cafe Latte, and Banana. I got mine for $3.49 a bottle from Roots Organic Market in Clarksville. I bought five yesterday. There are only two left in my fridge today – they’ve been very popular in our household! The organic skim milk used in the smoothies comes from Lancaster County, from a very happy looking bunch of grass fed cows.

Fat free, low lactose, gluten free, full of probiotics, and high in protein, with no added sugar, we’re stocking up on these for our cool bag for our roadtrip. A pre-hike snack to give us the right energy, B’More Smoothies are an essential part of our diet now. I’ve yet to try the Cafe Latte, but I reckon that one will rock my world tomorrow morning.

B’More Smoothies can be purchased several places.. Go on, get your B’More on!



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