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Best trade tools to sell your artwork and designs

Are you an artist who wants to do custom screen prints but can’t find a materials supplier? This article might be for you.

The internet has enabled creative people from across the globe to share and sell their artwork. Selling prints of their work is as easy as ordering a pizza. Many companies, like Redbubble, simply host the artists’ designs and provide all the middleman work when it comes to processing order-supplying shirts, printing, and shipping.

There are also services that provide the creator with an all-encompassing experience to managing their screen print business. This article is going to highlight some of the best screen printing software available now. Whether it’s to create, connect, or manage, these apps will help you excel in selling your artwork to the masses.

French Girls

French Girls is an artist app and community created by APPEK Mobile Apps. Its main focus is on caricature art that can be printed and sold on commission.

The app allows users to sync their social profiles to French Girls. Once the user is synched up, they are open to a virtual marketplace of talented independent digital artists from a wide array of styles. If they find an artist they like they can send them their photo and the artist will design a custom art print.

On the creator’s end, French Girls comes with a secondary illustration app called, Procreate. With Procreate, you can draw from a photo and adjust contrast and texture. As long as the artwork and photo are associated with each other under the app’s programming, you can then submit your commissioned print.


Snaptees is like an art gallery, social platform, and marketplace rolled all into one bundle. As a buyer, you are able to log into their social network to connect with artists from around the world. You can even connect your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to import your photos and shared art. Snaptees’ “Locker” feature allows you to shop from hundreds of thousands (and counting) t-shirt designs and save them to your profile for purchase later.


OK, we’ve talked enough about creating and sharing. Let’s get down to business with our next app, Printavo.

Printavo locks down your screen print business needs with adjustable features suited to any workload or staffing situation. The app provides the manager with features that can help you create daily task sheets, generate quotes and invoices, setting up pricing matrixes, and review your progress through up to date analytics. If you have a QuickBooks account you can even synch Printavo for easy transference of customer, invoice, and transaction data. Another great feature allows you to collect payment straight through the app.

Since Printavo is catered to a gig economy, it also gives users a way to stay connected with their customers. E-mails can be sent and received exclusively through the app, so you won’t lose touch with clients. This way you can keep them in the loop, sharing progress reports, and giving them a first glimpse of the product.

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