Best-selling author Terrance McMahon’s ‘Your Voice to the World’ podcast will help you learn how to be happy

Those who have benefitted from the self-help techniques in Terrance McMahon’s book SuperHero Self will be glad to know that the author also runs a regular podcast, titled Your Voice to the World

If you’re not familiar with Terrance McMahon and his life-changing theory of recreation of the self to improve one’s life satisfaction, you might do well to take an interest in his best-selling self-help guide. 

In it, he outlines what he refers to as the ‘algorithm for happiness’ – a step-by-step method aimed at achieving the highly specific result of taking control of your life and, quite simply, learning to be happy. McMahon is the ex-CEO of a multi-million dollar insurance firm who, drawing on his experiences of surviving near-terminal liver failure and subsequently deciding to re-invent himself, has since dedicated himself to promoting his method for self-fulfilment. 

At its core, McMahon’s algorithm is deceptively simple: it’s based on the conscious realization that you control how you perceive yourself and the world around you, and so you have the power to first change how you see yourself, and then become the person you’ve always wished yourself to be. 

Of course, it’s not as easy as that – in McMahon’s book, there’s a 12-week program involved for implementing this and other changes, and ultimately becoming your own ‘superhero’. 

The podcast series titled Your Voice to the World discusses the theories from the book, as well as expanding them to cover more of your professional life. To create the series, McMahon teamed up with Eddie Pinero – speaker, filmmaker, and storyteller. Together, they produce weekly videos exploring different aspects of becoming a better person and improving all aspects of your life, with particular focus on career. 

It’s not your typical podcast on improving and expanding your business. McMahon’s approach is different in that it takes the core of your identity and who you believe yourself to be as a starting point, and ensuring that in both your career and your personal life, you stay true to the person you want yourself to be, rather than crumbling under external influences. 

There’s hardly a person better equipped to provide these kinds of insights than McMahon. After a brilliant stroke of inspiration in the 90s, having dropped out of college and into a dead-end job, he built his soon-to-be extremely profitable insurance firm from scratch. The obvious conclusion is that where it comes to career-building, he definitely knows what he’s talking about. The more personal insights are linked to McMahon’s struggles with substance abuse – which culminated in the need for an urgent liver transplant, an event that became the catalyst for the development of his self-help theories. 

Now working full-time as a keynote speaker, writer, and all-round self-help guru, he utilizes every avenue available to help others reinvent, rather than improve or restore, themselves. 

While McMahon’s book can be an incredibly powerful resource in understanding yourself and learning to define and achieve your goals, the podcast is a great way to both reinforce the message and discover new, broader insights.