Mashkevich Alexander Antonovich – current biography of a billionaire

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Success stories have attracted attention for centuries, and the biographies of self-fulfilled and famous people are studied by representatives of all generations – from schoolchildren to senior citizens. The reasons for hobbies of ordinary people and start-up entrepreneurs are simple: everyday interest, a desire to learn the secrets of someone else’s success to achieve their own and finding a way out of difficult situations.

It is also worth noting that real life is often much more interesting and more unpredictable than any artwork: whether it be a book, series or film. Among such examples is the success story of the Kazakh billionaire of Jewish origin Alexander Mashkevich.

How exactly the life and business path of a businessman differs from other high-profile success stories of his contemporaries and how exactly he can be interesting and useful just for you, can be found in this article.

Alexander Mashkevich: a man who has two homelands

One of the richest people at once in two countries (Israel and Kazakhstan) was born at the turning point in history characterized by difficult living conditions. Alexander Mashkevich was born in 1954 in an evacuation in Frunze (modern Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), where his parents were evacuated from the territory of the European part of the USSR.

The family of an extraordinary person was also naturally special. So, his father Anton Mashkevich is an outstanding doctor who made an invaluable contribution to the fight against numerous epidemics in Central Asia and the promotion of sanitary standards and hygiene in the region. As the head of one of the specialized medical centers, he saved the lives of thousands of residents of villages in Central Asia, which at that time had not yet reached the elementary achievements of civilization.

No less special was the mother of Alexander Mashkevich – Rachel Yoffe. A prominent lawyer of Jewish descent has made an invaluable contribution to protecting the rights of children and women. Later, the grateful son would have established and named a charity fund in honor of his mother, the funds from which helped to improve the lives of several tens of thousands of residents of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The child of such unusual parents has always been special, and largely because of his origin. Alexander Mashkevich is a representative of the Karaite ethnic group – an ancient people of Jewish origin, who have been coexisting with various Turkic peoples for many centuries and formed their own unique culture, the preservation and popularization of which Alexander Mashkevich has been engaged in for his entire conscious life. From childhood, he absorbed the spirit of multiculturalism, learned to communicate successfully with representatives of different social groups, and eventually became adept at applying these skills, building a career in science and business.

Alexander Mashkevich also excelled at being a husband and father. He has a long, strong and happy marriage with Larisa Mashkevich and is the father of two daughters – Anna and Alla.

Having achieved a lot in Asia (in Kyrgyzstan, and later in Kazakhstan), Alexander Mashkevich follows the call of his historical memory and moves to Israel. A Kazakhstani billionaire of Jewish descent was recognized as a repatriate in 2011 and received Israeli citizenship. Currently, Alexander Mashkevich continues to live across two countries – Israel and Kazakhstan, proving that having two homelands in adulthood is good for life and business.

Alexander Mashkevich: a brief review of the successful career of a billionaire

It is predictable that the son of successful representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia himself chose the path of a scientist and teacher. Alexander Mashkevich is one of the most famous alumni of the Kyrgyz Humanitarian University, where he defended his dissertation on the history of psychology and pedagogy.

From the beginning of the 90s, Alexander Mashkevich began his journey in big business. Yesterday, a university professor moved to neighboring Kazakhstan, where in the end he built a real empire, which included assets such as the Seabeko Group, Eurasian Resources Group, Eurasian Industrial Association, Eurasian Bank and several others.

Alexander Mashkevich: social and charitable activities

Alexander Mashkevich entered the new decade as one of the richest people in Kazakhstan and Israel, whose fortune is estimated at about two billion dollars. Among his assets, it is worth mentioning the orders of Barys, Kurmet and the Monk Sergei of Radonezh.

Since 2000, Alexander Mashkevich has been named among one of the most successful and productive figures in the Jewish community, acting as the head of the Jewish Congress of Kazakhstan, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and the Keren Hayesod organization.

The magnate spent millions of dollars and hundreds of hours supporting, developing and popularizing Jewish culture and creating an effective communication system between Jewish communities from around the world, as well as creating a system of the rule of law in Kazakhstan as a sponsor of the Civil Party.