Best  10 Tech Magazines to Read when Tech is Life

If you’re a tech frenzy, you know that staying in touch with the latest developments in technology is essential for you. With the tech industry always changing, reading blogs, watching videos, and reading tech magazines are still the best ways to stay informed.

Even though people like the digital format for magazines,  some prefer to hold the magazine in their hands. Flipping through the pages will always have its charm.

No matter which type of magazine you fancy, most of the tech magazines today (the important ones, anyway) come in both digital and print formats. Therefore, it’s entirely up to you to decide which one floats your boat the best.

Without any further ado, let’s check the most famous names in this category:

1. Maximum PC

It’s a magazine created for avid computer fans, with its contents addressing to advanced users. Newbies may not get all the content of this magazine.

The magazine is loaded with incredibly honest hardware reviews, tweaking tips, guidance on overclocking, and even incredible project recommendations. Maximum PC praises for the minimum BS, which is why the real tech aficionado like it.

Any geek should be in touch with the newest developments in terms of software and hardware, and Maximum PC is the magazine to stay connected. You may very well check the back issues in PDF format for free in the online archive.

It’s a monthly magazine that you can find in both PDF and print format, standing out as the best option for finding out about the latest hardware.

2. Wired

Some name it the “Rolling Stone of Technology,” and you only need to read it once for understanding why it’s so.

Wired provides you information about technology in brightly colored format, and it’s a highly visual magazine. You can learn about the latest trends in tech lifestyle when reading Wired.

You’re not going to find info about the best way to upgrade your PC. However, you will find topics about science, business, online culture, and the latest gadgets.

It’s the third magazine on Amazon’s list of best-selling magazines within its category. There’s a new edition every month, and you can find it print or for iPad.

3. The Linux Journal

Many computer frenzies like Linux since it covers both Linux and open-source software. It contains helpful scripts and tricks for the Linux system administrators. You can also check the projects on programming, embedded Linux, exciting projects, desktop, security, and more.

No matter if you’re new to Linux or you’re experienced Linux user, the magazine is a great read every time.

Don’t forget to check the online archives for reading the previous issues as well. It’s out every month, and you can read the print or the PDF edition.

4. Computer World

If you’re looking for a magazine that concentrates on computer tech, Computer World is a great magazine to consider. It covers the business side of the tech world (a big part, anyway) and combines both tutorials and reviews. Many like it for its complexity and ability to offer a complete understanding of the business tech world.

5. 2600

Are the underground computer topics appealing to you? 2600 has taken the test of time since it has been out there since 1984. It covers problems related to hacking, computer security, and privacy matters as well. The magazine isn’t loaded with ads, but with useful information.

We should also note that the significant majority of articles is submitted by readers, with the editors selecting the best ones for an edition. Anyone can send their reports for consideration, which sounds appealing to many tech readers.

You can choose between the print format or the Kindle format, with the magazine being a quarterly type of magazine.

6. T3

It’s one of the best choices in terms of tech magazines, and it’s one that covers pretty much everything related to the tech world. It’s a friendly and unique magazine that also provides honest reviews of products, without forgetting about the less popular products. The editors are highly professional while giving a welcoming vibe to the content inside the magazine.

You should never skip it when looking for an excellent tech magazine.

7. Science focus

It’s owned and operated by the BBC, which needs no introduction for most. The magazine has a particular interest in the future of tech, where you can discover many things about planet-saving technology. The magazine includes articles about the adverse impact of social media and the tips to try to overcome it. It gives fantastic people creating mind-blowing technology a place to present their work. That should be enough of a reason for you to provide the magazine with a read.

8. MIT Technology Review

With the concept of MIT being well-known out there, it makes sense that MIT has its magazine too. The magazine is one of the most popular tech magazines at the moment. The online edition includes an impressive variety of topics, with technology being the foundation for the content. For example, one may find interest in the most massive seaweed bloom recorded by a satellite. No matter how occupied you may be, always find the time to take a look at this magazine.

9. Make

The DIY technology projects are fun to try, and anyone passionate enough should read Make. If you have a garage full of old electronics and computer parts, this is the magazine for you. Every issue offers all sorts of cool projects with instructions and even detailed pictures. The plans cover a wide variety of complexity, from the amateur-level to the complex projects addressed to the experienced users out there.

It’s both a magazine and a book, with more than 200 pages for every edition. It’s a quarterly magazine that comes in both digital and print format.

10. The American Scientist

Even if the magazine concentrates mostly on science in a general way, you’re going to find plenty of technology-related articles also. It’s an online publication, and real scientists create every section. There are ten articles published every single month, with subjects covering engineering topics, environmental theories, and much more.

It may not be entirely about tech, but it’s still an intriguing read for any tech frenzy.