Battle Royale: Today’s Most Popular Videogames

Videogames have always had the need to be constantly renewed with new or improved ideas in order to adapt to the continuous changes in public preferences, and thus capture as many casual users as possible. These factors have always been of vital importance in maintaining the videogame industry over time.

Of all the types of videogames that can be found, there is one that is currently the most remarkable: The “Battle Royale”.

Battle Royale videogames have a fairly simple gameplay: 100 players are gathered on a small island with the goal of starting an “all against all” confrontation where there can only be one survivor.

The genre’s name is inspired by a 2000 Japanese film called “Battle Royale,” which stars public high school students who must survive on an island.

Among all the existing Battle Royale, the best known and most successful are PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale have reached an extremely high popularity and have become a global trend (even outside the Gaming topic), much of this is due to the help of different important figures of popular culture, as it is normal to find famous singers, actors, celebrities, YouTubers and even sportsmen mentioning that they play the Battle Royale, this factor was very instrumental in their success, as these people can move crowds and thus make a perfect advertising.

The other factor that influences the popularity of the Battle Royale is undoubtedly its gameplay, as well as being very attractive, also includes many elements quite entertaining that greatly improve the gaming experience, such as: The very convenient Fortnite traps or the advantageous items offered by PUBG.

The most popular Battle Royale, Fortnite, also has an exchange market around its items; this market is made through various websites that are dedicated to fulfilling the function of being a Fortnite item shop where in exchange for real money you can buy all kinds of advantageous items from Fortnite.

One last indispensable point that contributed a lot to the popularity of Battle Royale videogames is their high level of availability. Games like Fortnite or PUBG are “Free-to-Play”, that means that anyone in the world can access all the content of the game without spending a single penny, this point positively affected the previously mentioned videogames. It should also be noted that Fortnite and PUBG have a cross-platform system where players can face each other simultaneously from Android or iOS devices, PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. In other words, a user can defeat from his phone another player who is in his living room at home on a console. But that’s not all; the success of the Battle Royale is also due to the constancy of its developers, demonstrating an agile response to server failures, new updates, inviting content to return, new game modes and the famous battle passes.

The Battle Royale genre came to bring the maximum expression of popularity in videogames thanks to its status as a global trend, and as part of today’s popular culture. The success of these games has inspired other famous franchises that have long been in the Shooter videogame industries, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, which began to include Battle Royale modes in their content.

That said, Battle Royale videogames are expected to continue to maintain their popularity throughout the world.