5 Digital marketing tricks Unicorns Will Never Disclose

Unicorns grow businesses fast because they use many ways to scale up their business through unconventional, effective ways. They are aware that even if they have brick-and-mortar businesses, they rely on the internet for marketing. Therefore, they use many online marketing tricks to create content, to develop a following on social media, to rank high of SEOs, to gather feedback and reviews, to conduct surveys to test their customers’ thoughts, to generate leads, to manage their reputation and to grow their businesses.

Here are some of the tricks that Unicorns use to grow their businesses that they will never disclose.

1. Famoid for Social Media Marketing

Famoid is a very effective and affordable social media management tool that promotes its customers on all social media including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. Their customers get real active followers on any social platform within a few minutes of purchasing the services, depending on what they request.

All the likes on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and the resulting engagement and the retweets on Twitter are real. With the help of Famoid, brands get real organic growth on social media, and some of the followers convert into buying customers.

Famoid protects its customers’ privacy and uses a very secure payment gateway. Best of all, their service is so fast that an order is processed within 10 minutes of purchase.

A little secret is that hundreds of politicians also use Famoid – it is possibly more potent than Cambridge analytics during campaigns!

2. Hootsuite for Scheduling Posts

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that helps brands to maintain a strong social media presence. It manages all of their social media accounts from a single point. With Hootsuite brands find it easy to find, schedule, and manage their social media content. It is particularly useful for brands that have several social media accounts and find it difficult to manage them manually.

Hootsuite helps brands to schedule hundreds of posts in advance. It organizes the content with ease and saves it on cloud, and then releases the approved content on scheduled dates and times. It also secures all their passwords, profiles and login information. Then it provides reports on the effectiveness of the posts.

3. Lithium for Building Communities

Lithium is a social media marketing tool that helps brands to build communities and connect with their customers effectively. They can manage their campaigns, content, and responses from one place and manage their engagement with their social, website, mobile apps communities.

Lithium automates brands’ posting across various social media platforms. Then it creates communities and helps the brands to monitor conversations about their brand. Brands can engage with their customers to get information customers might be looking for right when they need it.

By joining the conversations and effectively engaging with their existing and potential customers, brands gather useful data that shows them what people think about their products. As a result, they can make changes that improve their reputation and sales.

4. SimilarWeb for Marketing Intelligence

SimilarWeb is a market intelligence tool that provides an all-inclusive analysis for each brand’s website or app. The analysis provides a lot of perceptions about the brand’s website.

SimilarWeb also provides brands with information about their competitors’ websites to that they can easily compare their website with their competitors’ sites. This information gives each brand full understanding of their industry and shows how well the brand is respected within its niche.

5. Sitetrail for Reputation Management

Sitetrail.com is an online reputation management tool that contains a comprehensive suite of solutions. Large enterprises use it to outsource the monitoring, management, and PR in one place. It solicits feedback from local customers and performs surveys to collect in-depth customer feedback. Its social suite enables brands to engage with their communities on social media to build their reputation and increase sales. Sales reps can use their mobile devices to request online reviews soon after customer interaction.

From the data collected firms can identify their problems, strengths, and weaknesses and make improvements that increase sales.



Growth-marketing is an interesting area: those who use the right combination of tools to drive strategy, can do growth hacking in the most effective way. Tools like Famoid and others are obviously hidden secrets that smart CMO’s make use of. With this information at hand – you can evaluate and deploy these tools too!

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